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Company News >> Nokia X6 comprehensive evaluation: how to stand in the thousand Yuan machine market?
Last week, Nokia released the Nokia X6 in Beijing. At the press conference, several HMD executives arrived at the scene in all directions. It can be seen that Nokia and HMD attach great importance to China. The Nokia X6 is also a product specifically designed for the Chinese one thousand yuan market. The most important aspect of this level is the price/performance ratio. So can the Nokia X6 achieve this and establish a foothold in the already fierce Qianyuan market? This review will give you the answer.
Design, materials, and workmanship have always been shortcomings for thousands of machines. Because at low prices, you have to sacrifice something. However, Nokia X6 did not "implement" this approach. Compared to high-end machines, the X6 has shrunk in this area to a very small extent, with the best look and feel of the thousand-yuan machine.
The design of double-sided 2.5D third-generation gorilla glass clip metal middle frame is very rare in the early 1000s mobile phone. The natural curvature of the metal frame and the edge of the glass is gentle and soft. The only drawback is that the side keys are slightly loose, but fortunately they do not affect the use. And then again, this price is not perfect.
The front is 5.8 inches 2280 x 1080 Liu Haiping, the ratio is 19:9. The screen border is very narrow, resulting in an 86% screen share and a compact body.
Hardware performance, the Nokia X6 and the market's top thousands of machines, Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 and 4GB/6GB memory are not absent. Although not as silky as the flagship of the 845, it is still sufficient for everyday use.
In terms of games, we tested the "Jade to survive: stimulate the battlefield." In the high-definition picture quality and the "middle" frame settings, the Nokia X6 performed normally, with occasional slight clicks, but the overall fluency guarantees normal gaming. The heat control of the mobile phone during the game is good.
Other configurations, Nokia X6 equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0, 32GB/64GB body storage, a maximum 256GB memory card expansion, single speaker, dual SIM dual standby and FM radio.

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