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Company News >> Nut R1 Review: A flagship that won't disappoint you
In the past two years, when Xiaomi and Huawei had already competed in the ceiling of the upgraded brand, Hammer Technology had to rely on its mid-range products, such as the Nut Pro series, to work hard through its own harsh winter. And Luo Yonghao also experienced several "acquisitions" and even "sell to borrow." Although all the way up, but also keep the clouds open to see the moon. Hammer Technology ushered in a brand new Nut R series after it announced its farewell to the "Hammer Phone."
Finally, after releasing the Smartisan T2, the flagship of the last time, for exactly 2 years and 138 days, and 574 days after the flagship (M1 series) in the eyes of the public, Lauro finally brought back Hammer Technology. The flagship machine. Although the “revolutionary” TNT was the absolute protagonist on the night of the conference, the nut R1 was the highest of the eight products in the six years of the product in terms of product completion.
The coming will come eventually. The flagship may be late but will not be absent.
Since it is a flagship, it cannot naturally fall behind in terms of configuration. Xiaolong 845, profiled full-screen, and even full-featured NFC, wireless charging, the flagship of the machine, the same as a lot of nuts R1.
From the parameter list, the nut R1 basically provided all the configurations that the current flagship should have, and also unexpectedly added a linear motor. In fact, since Apple joined the Taptic Engine in the iPhone 6S series, the development of the hardware level on the mobile phone side has allowed many Android mobile phones to have the opportunity to experience a comfortable and natural interactive experience.
We all know that the motor in the mobile phone is divided into a rotor motor and a linear motor. The nut R1 uses a circular linear motor (Z-axis) that runs up and down like an earthquake. Compared with ordinary rotor motors, there is no small increase in the looseness of vibration and the texture of vibration. It can be seen that this nut R1 not only provides flagship configuration where everyone thinks, but also gives it to users when many Android vendors have not yet followed up.

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