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Company News >> 2018 TDDI overall shipments will reach 500 million units
This year, smart phones have significantly increased with a ratio of 18:9, and they continue to trend toward thinning, which is expected to drive a new wave of replacement demand. HIMAX, a maker of panel-driven ICs, has spotted this trend and announced the introduction of thin film flip chip packaging. The (COF) integrated panel-driven and touch-control IC (TDDI) will enter the smart phone factory in mainland China and is expected to begin heavy volume shipments in the second half of the year.
The introduction of smart phones into the full screen and thinning trend has made TDDI products a new generation of driver ICs. According to a report by DIGITIMES Research, a market research agency, as companies such as Synaptics, Duntai, Lianhe and Qijing actively participate in the TDDI market, overall TDDI shipments this year will be expected to reach a scale of 500 million units.
The smartphone-driven 18:9 full-screen trend has been established, and the proportion of screens has increased dramatically. Even now, the 19:9 specification appears. The purpose is to increase the proportion of mobile phone screens, and it is also hoped that mobile phones will become thinner. According to the legal person, since the panel-driven ICs in the past mainly used a glass-on-chip (COG) process, they mainly used bare crystals on glass substrates.
Compared with the COF, which is becoming more and more popular nowadays, the driver IC is connected to the flexible circuit board. Therefore, the thickness of the COF is thinner than that of the COF package process, and thus it is in line with today's trend that smart phones are gradually becoming thinner and lighter. Wonderful spotted this trend and introduced TDDI into the COF process. Currently, it has passed the Chinese smart phone brand certification and will begin shipping in the second half of this year.
Wonderful view, LCD display using COF package TDDI, can provide ultra-thin and narrow frame design for high-end smart phones, much lower than the OLED display cost. TDDI shipments will become the source of Qijing New Revenue. TDDI's ASP and gross profit margin are higher than traditional driver ICs. It is expected that since 2018, Qijing TDDI shipments will increase, which will improve the small and medium size driver ICs. Product portfolio, and contribute to overall revenue and profitability.

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