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Company News >> Samsung's flagship Note9 exposure in the second half of the screen. Can fingerprints be restored?
When vivo has successfully mass-produced fingerprints under the screen, whoever will follow will eventually have a certain amount of focus. According to news from well-known analyst Guo Minghao of KGI Securities, Samsung has progressed smoothly in the research and development of fingerprints under the screen. Although it missed the already released Galaxy S9, it will be implemented for the first time on the Galaxy Note9.
A long time ago Samsung note9 was exposed to the internal codename "Crown" crown. GeekBench's database also appeared Samsung note9. At present, we can see that Samsung note9 has appeared in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The Samsung note9 should be equipped with under-the-screen fingerprint recognition, still 18:9 screen design, curved body. The 4000 mAh battery is equipped with 6GB memory and the current Qualcomm's highest spec Snapdragon 845 processor, as well as the latest Bixby Voice Assistant 2.0.
Samsung note9 this time on the basis of Samsung S9 + continue to increase the ratio of the screen, the borders on both sides continue to narrow. In addition to fingerprint recognition under the screen, there are not many bright spots. The author estimates that Samsung should not be equipped with the iPhone 3D structured light facial recognition technology. Because Samsung does not need to follow the trend, although the iPhone X has 3D light structure facial recognition, but has its own unique iris recognition technology, supplemented by infrared recognition at night is also very high.
The author's favorite is Samsung's IP68 waterproof and dustproof. As early as the S7 series, Samsung has already supported IP68 waterproof and dustproof. Therefore, Note9 support IP68 protection performance should be no suspense, so that you can freely shoot underwater video, photos, get a different play experience. Although the highlight of Note9 may not be as much as S9, in fact, such a product itself is already perfect.
Compared to Apple, although Samsung's software quality is not as good as Apple. However, Samsung's hardware technology can be said to be leading Apple for several years. Why are so many Samsung mobile phones equipped with "black technology" unable to capture the hearts and minds of Chinese consumers? Moreover, Samsung’s current market share in China can be said to be gradually rising from the peak of nearly 20% to the current 0.8% share, which should be the result that Samsung had never expected before.
The author believes that Samsung’s decline in the mainland market has the following points. First, the "negative optimization" mobile phone system, Samsung's mobile phone system reputation can be said to be very poor, the most advanced mobile phone hardware with the most backward mobile phone system, this can have a good experience? Especially the low-end machine experience is also very poor. Second, mobile phone prices, although Samsung's mobile phone system optimization has improved a lot. However, the expensive entry price also made many people discourage. So even if you improve your mobile phone system now, but nobody buys a mobile phone, you won't know how good you are. In recent years, it has been impacted by low-priced high-end mobile phones from home, plus some political factors. Samsung The future in the country remains uncertain.

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