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Company News >> Affected by panel price drop Large-size panel Q1 decline in output value
In the traditional off-season, the brand adjusted its inventory, and the shipment of large-size panels in the first quarter was better than previously expected. According to the latest statistics from IHS Markit, the shipment of large-size panels in the first quarter grew by 6% compared to the same period of last year. From the perspective of shipping area, the annual growth rate reached 10%, but the output value has declined by 10%, reflecting the decline in panel prices. The impact.
From the perspective of the shipment area of ​​the panel makers, LGD maintains its leading position in the market with a market share of approximately 22%. Samsung's monitors are closely followed by 17%. Boosted by new production capacity, BOE continues to grow its shipments every year. The market share of shipments is about 15%, ranking third in the market. In terms of shipment volume, the market share has reached 22%, ranking the highest in the market. AUO and QunChuang accounted for 14% and 13% respectively, ranking among the world's top five panel makers. IHS Markit analyst Robin Wu said that from the perspective of shipping area, South Korea’s panel makers still dominate the market, mainly LGD and Samsung are the major panel suppliers for large-size TVs worldwide.
Looking at the quantity of shipments, BOE ranked the market leader, with LGD occupying 20% ​​of the market and ranking second, with AUO and Innolux taking up about 16%, tied for third place. Samsung strategically withdrew from the notebook and tablet panel markets, and shipments declined. As a result, market share slipped to 8%, ranking fifth.
The number of shipments of TV panels in the first quarter increased by 12%, while the shipping area grew by 11% compared to the same period of last year. Shipments performed better than expected. Oversized televisions were pushed by panel makers and brand manufacturers, and shipments grew significantly. Shipment volume of over 55-inch oversized panels in the first quarter grew by 20% compared to the same period last year. The annual growth rate of 4K TV shipments was as high as 19%, reaching 24.6 million units. OLED TV has made brilliant achievements in the high-end TV market last year. The first quarter also lasted last year's momentum. The shipment volume reached 600,000 units and the annual growth rate was as high as 110%.
Robin Wu said that the large-size panel production capacity in the mainland has been opened up and the shipments of the panel have been steadily increasing. On average, shipments of large-size panels in the first three quarters of the previous year were reduced by approximately 10% quarter-on-quarter and quarterly shipments by 8%. However, in the first quarter of this year, the shipment volume decreased by 4%, and the shipment area declined by about 7%, which was better than expected. Although shipments grew by 6% in the first quarter and shipments grew by 10% year-on-year, the output value has declined by 11%. The reaction to the decline in panel prices has had a negative impact on sales amount and profitability.

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