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Company News >> "China's core" also see "Hefei made" crystallization to break the deadlock of panel chip imports
In 2015, the total investment of 12.81 billion yuan in Hefei Jinghe Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. was started. In just two years, the company achieved the high yield of the technology-based parent company and successfully mass-produced. Anhui realizes the "zero breakthrough" in the manufacturing of high-end integrated circuits and the "dream of making Chinese core Hefei" come true.
A chip, from the initial sand raw material, to the final product, has to go through many steps such as designing, manufacturing, packaging and testing. Wafer manufacturing is the key link in chip manufacturing, and it is also the largest investment and highest technological content. It needs to go through more than 500 complicated processes. Wafers after packaging and testing can be cut into many chips according to customer requirements.
It can be said that compared to other Hefei manufacturing, wafers are more "precious". The production environment in which it is located requires a high degree of cleanliness. “The cleanliness inside the building is even higher than in the operating room. The diameter of particles in the air cannot be more than 0.5 microns, which is equivalent to one-eighth of the hair.”
In May 2015, Hefei Construction Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. and Taiwan Power Crystal Technology Co., Ltd. “in hand” set up Hefei Jinghe Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. through a joint venture, focusing on 12-inch semiconductor wafer production OEM.
"It is expected to reach full capacity by 2020 and the monthly scale will reach 40,000." The staff of Hefei Jinghe Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. told the reporter that when the four wafer factories are completed, the total monthly production capacity will reach 160,000 12-inch. Wafers. If it is said that BOE has successfully settled in Hefei, breaking China's long-term "shortage of the pain", then the choice of Hefei crystal integration project, it can be said to eliminate the "hard core." The birth of crystal splicing makes it possible to design professional chips for domestic panel-driven design and develop distinctive technologies so that the design, manufacture and use of panel-driven chips will all be realized in Hefei. Moreover, the project's commissioning to solve the "core" and "screen" combination of problems, within five years will make the localization rate of panel-driven chips increased to 30%, breaking the domestic panel chip relying on the import situation.
In the area of ​​panel-driven chips, companies such as Duntai Technology, Jianchuang North, Zhongdian Jingxian, Hongjing, and Longxun are gathered; in the area of ​​home appliance chips, enterprises such as Junzheng Technology and Yulijie are gathered; Electronic, power chip and other fields are also initially laid out.
Today, Anhui is also officially introducing the semiconductor industry development plan, clearly establishing a semiconductor industry chain with Anhui characteristics, driving the transformation and upgrading of Anhui's automotive electronics, new displays, and home appliances, and nurturing and growing new momentum for economic growth.

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