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Company News >> High-definition LCD panel bloom Chengdu City Electric Panda rewrite LCD panel industry map 12th,May,2018
                                          In the Shuangliu District, Li Guangsheng, deputy general manager of Chengdu Panda Power Display Technology Co., Ltd., is very active. In less than a month, 50-inch LCD panel products will be mass-produced. Various complicated processes such as testing and commissioning should be considered repeatedly to ensure that production is in perfect safety.
On the day of the New Year's Eve, the company's second product, the 58-inch LCD panel, was successfully lit. Next to the orange-red LCD panel, Li Guangsheng smiled exceptionally brilliantly. “We once again challenged success and completed the second product lighting task two weeks ahead of schedule.”
“Companies should seize opportunities, improve their independent innovation capabilities and international competitiveness, promote the transformation of Chinese manufacturing into China, transform China’s speed toward Chinese quality, and transform Chinese products into Chinese brands.”
The electronic information industry is an important industry for the real economy. How did the Chinese panda write a new answer for Chengdu in the new era? Two and a half months before the light of the task, so that Li Guangsheng more emboldened enough to achieve 50-inch LCD panel production next month, full of more expectations.
As one of the four major electronic information industry bases in the country, Chengdu has a considerable scale in integrated circuits, new types of displays, smart terminals, network communications, electronic components, and information security, and has integrated circuits - new displays - complete terminals - software The integrated industrial chain of information technology services is the national integrated circuit design industrialization base and the national information security achievement industrialization base. It is the first batch of the “China Software City”, the only one in the central and western regions, and has formed a leading position in the electronic information field. Western and even national development advantages.
The new era opens a new journey, and the new era calls for new actions. Chengdu will actively integrate itself into the high-end and value-chain core of the global electronic information industry chain, vertically integrate the industrial chain, and create industrial functional areas that are fully functional, demonstrate cultural features, and reflect the ecological livability, and fully construct the electronic information industry ecosystem.
While continuously refreshing the records of high-definition LCD panels, CEC Panda is also rewriting the layout of the world's LCD panel industry, and let the "Chengdu" LCD panel bloom differently.
Promote innovation and drive development
Speed ​​up the cultivation and development of new kinetic energy
The project possesses three core technologies and introduces the first five mask new metal oxide manufacturing processes for the first time. Both the production cost and product performance are more advantageous. It is the first metal oxide-based technology in China and faces 8K or more ultra-high resolution televisions. Market LCD panel production line.
A glass plate enters the production line. After more than 200 processes, it is transformed into a 50-inch high-definition LCD panel. More amazing is that this total investment of 28 billion yuan of China Electronics Chengdu 8.6 generation LCD panel production line project, It took only 16 months from piling construction to completion of the trial operation, creating a “world speed” for the construction of LCD panel projects.
More than a year ago, China National Electric Panda Company was still a busy construction site. Nowadays, the modern factory buildings are everywhere with a total construction area of ​​870,000 square meters. “Currently, the entire plant’s civil construction infrastructure is basically completed, and it will enter the trial production stage.” Li Guangsheng introduced. The installation and commissioning of process equipment was basically completed. Now it is in the verification stage of quality and reliability and the entire smart factory running-in. In early April, the first 50-inch 4K LCD panel will produce energy, and the second 58-inch 4K HD panel will be produced in volume in late April.
The pre-disposition of the 50-inch 4K LCD panel by CEP Panda is based on good market expectations. Since the beginning of this year, home television has begun to show new trends. 8K TVs, which are even higher than the existing Ultra HD 4K resolution, are slowly emerging. Some analysts believe that the 2018 home TV market may become “8K. The first year." With the application of 8K water testing, the future will bring a new round of development opportunities for the display industry.
Then, where is the technological innovation advantage and competitiveness of the enterprise? "The project has three core technologies and introduces five masks for new metal oxide manufacturing processes for the first time. Compared with traditional process technology, it has advantages in both production cost and product performance. It is the first metal oxide-based technology in China and is More than 8K LCD panel production line in the ultra-high resolution TV market.” Li Guangsheng introduced.
Even more advanced is that regardless of the production process, production equipment or technical investment, China Electronics Chengdu 8.6 generation LCD panel production line projects are in advance of the layout, can directly produce 8K ultra-high-definition LCD panel. It is estimated that by the first half of 2019, China Electronics Chengdu's new green smart factory for 8.6 generation LCD panels will reach full capacity, which will drive the annual output value of the new type display and its surrounding supporting industries in Chengdu to reach 20 billion yuan, and the output value of upstream and downstream industries will reach 50 billion yuan. Above, we will continue to upgrade the level and level of the new display industry in Sichuan and even throughout the country.
In fact, not only did the Chinese pandas, but also more companies rely on leading technologies to launch the “Made in Chengdu” brand: BOE’s 6th-generation flexible AMOLED production line was completed and put into production—more energy-efficient, thinner than paper, and bendable under folding. "Generation of screen technology" completely breaks the monopoly of Japanese and South Korean semiconductor giants, laying the foundation for the "China-made" and "Chengdu-made" leading position in the world. The 12-inch wafer process manufacturing project will be able to change the current domestic manufacturers In the status quo status of catching up, to achieve "change lanes overtaking"; in cooperation with Chaowei Semiconductor Co., Ltd., China Scientific successfully developed China's first generation of X86 CPU chips, and the dawn server with the first CPU chip will be put on the market this year. This indicates that China has become the second country after the United States that has the ability to design X86 server CPUs. It has fundamentally solved the problem of China's information industry that it lacks core and has few souls...
Only those who are reformers will advance, but those who are innovative will be strong, but those who are reformers and innovators will win. The enterprise is the main body of innovation. In order to strengthen the construction of a science and technology innovation system based on enterprises, the city actively encourages enterprises to increase R&D investment and establishes public service platforms such as industrial innovation centers, manufacturing innovation centers, engineering research centers, and new industrial technology research institutes. To further optimize the allocation of resources and strengthen the local transformation and industrialization of innovation results.
Build an electronic information industry ecosystem
Enhance the Global Competitiveness of Chengdu's Electronic Information Industry
Taking the functional areas of the main body of electronic information industry as the core, a coordinated development of the city's electronic information industry has been formed, and the Chengdu electronic information industry ecosystem has been constructed.
The Panda is one of the largest electronic information industrialization projects in our province in recent years. At present, it has successfully incorporated a number of key supporting projects such as Nanjing Panda PCBA, Nanjing Guanshi Technology, and Jiangyou Optoelectronics. These companies will be in polarizers. , liquid crystal film, new thermal materials and other aspects of the project to provide on-site support, promote the electronic information industry into the chain development, cluster development. “We can produce nearly 10 million large-size LCD panels in one year, mainly for customers such as Skyworth, Changhong and Panda.” According to Li Guangsheng.
Not only are the Panda, Intel, IBM, Huawei, Texas Instruments, Gefangfang, Ziguang, Dell, and Siemens... More and more global industry “giants” have put R&D institutions and cutting-edge production lines here, supporting Chengdu's electronic information industry has risen from one hundred billion yuan to one trillion. In this way, the city's industrial functional zones integrating production, R&D, residence, consumption, and ecology are integrated into 66 cities, which has become an important carrier and support for Chengdu to accelerate its efforts to achieve high-quality economic development in the new era.
In order to promote the construction of industrial functional areas, this year, the city issued the “Implementation Plan for the Construction of Industrial Functional Zones and Parks in the City” of the city, which includes the preparation of innovation plans, the improvement of policy systems, the deepening of cooperation between universities and colleges, the acceleration of the development of new economies, and the reinforcement of talent supply. Various aspects of the construction of industrial functional areas were clarified in terms of innovative capital supply, optimized function allocation, and transformation of investment promotion methods. At the same time, the “Chengdu Electronic Information Industry Functional Area Master Plan” was being developed in a hurry. This will be the first of its kind to be completed. Industrial Functional Area "General Regulations".
Taking the main functional areas of the electronic information industry as the core, the city will form a coordinated development of the city's electronic information industry layout and build the Chengdu electronic information industry ecosystem. In the future, we will focus on the five key areas, strengthen the industrial chain, improve the five major industry support, and improve the service chain; build two types of innovation space, stimulate innovation and provide full life cycle services, form a talent chain, and build a multi-element gathering, integration, and symbiosis electronic information industry. Ecosphere.
In addition, based on the resource endowments, comparative advantages, and industry development trends of the functional areas, the principles of lead, green, and high-end are highlighted, focusing on the development of integrated circuits, new displays, smart terminals, network communications, and the new economy (based on next-generation information technology The five key industries focus on the development of high-end industries such as key components, complete terminals, software development, and innovative services. General materials, parts, and other supporting components are planned in an integrated manner in the region, and the global competitiveness of Chengdu's electronic information industry is continuously enhanced.

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