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Company News >> Wistron Wins Toshiba's LCD TV Hits Global First-Generation Foundry 9th,May,20018
                                              The industry is buzzing that Wistron received Toshiba's 2 million LCD TVs next year, with European production bases as the biggest advantages for Wistron. Under Toshiba's big single blessing, Wistron will double its TV shipments to 4 million units next year, making it a global first-line foundry.
    Toshiba will increase its orders for the release of 2 million LCD TVs to Taiwan next year. Wistron, AOC, Hon Hai’s Innolux, Rui Xuan and Proview, the five largest information foundries in Taiwan, are actively looting orders. However, the industry pointed to Wistron has knocked this big list. In response, Wistron stated yesterday (12.4) that it is itself a foundry and will not comment on a single customer.
    In fiscal year 2010, Toshiba will produce 13 million LCD TVs, of which 6 million will be produced by itself, and the remaining 7 million will be manufactured by Taiwan's foundries and sold to North America, Europe and Southeast Asia.
    DisplaySearch Xie Qinyi believes that Wistron, TPV, Innolux, Ruixuan and Proview of Taiwan’s top five information foundry manufacturers all have the ability to receive a large number of LCD TVs. In addition, AUO (2409) recently incorporated the company’s television division. It also has the advantage of supplying from the panel to the whole machine.
    According to reports, Toshiba’s LCD TV release will total 4 million units next year, Compal will maintain 2 million units, and Toshiba will increase the number of Taiwanese foundries, releasing an order of 2 million units to finalize Wistron as a partner.
    Wistron is one of the major NB (notebook) foundries in Taiwan. In recent years, the foundry strength of LCD TVs has greatly increased, including OEM, ODM business can undertake, last year won the Japanese LCD TV brand maker Sony SONY's OEMs can double their shipments of LCD TVs to 2 million units this year, accounting for 10% of the total revenue for the first time, and the number of LCD TVs more than doubled from last year.
    Wistron shipments range from 19 to 52 inches in size, mainly ODMs (consigned design OEMs). LCD TVs are developed mainly in Taiwan. Production bases are mainly Zhongshan, Guangdong, and Mexico, and Zhongshan, near Xiamen Optoelectronics Park. Nearly AUO has established LCD TV panel LCM sources in Xiamen, mainland China and Chi Mei Power in Foshan.
    In response to the demand for shipments in the North American market, Wistron’s Mexico factory has become the largest production base, and the Czech plant in Europe has been operating for two years as a base for the EU market.

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