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Company News >> Samsung Display plans mass production of OLED TV panels in May 7th,May,2018
                                               Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Samsung's OLED TVs were introduced some time ago and some models have reportedly stopped production. However, according to recent reports, Samsung is expected to relaunch OLED TVs next year. Another recent report from the South Korean side stated that Samsung Display plans to begin large-scale production of OLED TV panels in May this year.
Samsung is currently testing a combination of CVD (chemical vapor deposition) and inkjet printing devices. However, the company will wait until the test results are available in May this year before making a decision on this technology. Currently, the company is using organic CND or inkjet printing methods to develop new technologies for mass production of OLED panels. Samsung believes that using this method can reduce production costs while improving performance. Therefore, the company intends to use the WOLED (White OLED) method to mass produce OLED panels to further reduce production costs. Samsung is expected to launch OLED TVs with HDR and 8K resolution next year to enhance the company’s competitiveness in the high-end TV market.

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