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Company News >> Flexible OLED panel market has unlimited potential 5th,May,2018
                                               Although flexible screens currently account for only a small fraction of the smartphone market, the demand for plastic OLED panels for the entire industry, including mobile phones, tablets, and televisions, will usher in a boom. According to IDTechEx Research forecast, flexible OLED screen market will create more than 12 billion US dollars of revenue this year, 2026 market value is expected to reach 57 billion US dollars.
The growth of the market has been driven by the replacement of display materials. At present, a small number of mobile panel products have transitioned from glass substrates to plastic materials, such as polyamide materials. Flexible substrate products have already begun to attack the market, such as Galaxy S7 Edge and Apple Watch.
The mobile phone is expected to continue to be the biggest driver of growth in the display market, and flat-panel and notebook products are expected to play an important role in 2020. The latest flexible OLED panels are lighter and thinner than the previous glass-based panels, so manufacturers can develop lighter, more aesthetically pleasing devices and leave more room for battery capacity. And when the technology matures, the automotive industry is also expected to adopt OLED screens significantly this year.
In addition, IDTechEx also predicts that with the advancement of R&D technology, it will be possible to create truly bendable, collapsible mobile devices in the future. In fact, there are already a number of collapsible device prototype exposures. For example, the OPPO that has been exposed has been folded. Mobile phone prototype, as well as Samsung's flexible and flexible screen.
It is noteworthy that the background of this forecast is that Samsung Display and LG Display’s major OLED display manufacturers announced further investment in OLED product lines and expanded production capacity. Among them, Samsung Display plans to invest more than US$3 billion to open up new product lines between 2015 and 2017, and LG Display invested more than US$9 billion in new plants.

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