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Company News >> Overcapacity of TFT-LCD panels has returned 26th,Apr,2018
                                          WitsView, a market research organization, observed the development trend of global large-size TFT-LCD panels, pointing out that from 2014 to 2015, it is expected that there will be 6 to 8 8.5-generation lines in the global mass production phase, which may make TFT-LCDs. The nightmare of oversupply in the LCD panel industry has once again come. How the panel factory responds will influence the next wave of forces (changes in market territory).
On the other hand, it is also worth noting that this new wave of production capacity is almost concentrated in China, which will continue to increase the self-sufficiency rate of China's domestic panel. By then, the Chinese government will inevitably review the issue of panel import tariffs, and have no investment in China yet. The factory's plant will be a major concern.
According to the WitsView survey, between 2014 and 2015, it is expected that there will be 6 to 8 8.5-generation lines worldwide that will be introduced into volume production. Among them, three new 8.5-generation lines will be added in 2014, namely Samsung Display (SDC) Suzhou Plant, BOE Hefei Plant, and LGD Guangzhou Plant, which are expected to produce 8.5-generation capacity worldwide. This represents an increase of approximately 12.4% over 2013, while the global panel production capacity will expand to 204.4 million square meters per month, which will also increase by 5.3% over 2013.
WitView Research Manager Fan Bojun said that the increase in new panel production capacity will enable the TFT-LCD industry to develop in several possible directions. First of all, new production capacity is concentrated in the 8.5 generation line, which means that large-size panel supply capacity will be significantly increased, and price pressure is inevitable. At the same time, panel makers will continue to develop new profitable products, such as 48-inch and 49-inch panels, to replace the 46-inch and 47-inch panels currently on the market.
In addition, the movement of product portfolios between different generations of lines will also become more apparent. For example, the panel production capacity below the 6th generation line will be expanded to produce small and medium size panels, and the 8.5th generation line capacity will also continue to increase the proportion of IT application products such as tablet PCs and notebook computers.

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