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Company News >> 30% mobile phone screen with OLED small and medium size panel acceleration 19th,Apr,2018
                                               Small and medium size panels to accelerate change
2016 was a year for related display industries. From curved surfaces, gaming, and OLED screens, these key elements represent the current development direction of the display industry. In particular, OLED has been highly favored for many years, but it has always been developing relatively slowly. This year, it is finally said that "it is expected to replace LCD as a new generation of display technology in the future" toward "has been identified as the next generation of display technology."
From the attitude of the industry giants and the layout of industry giants, we can also feel the maturity of OLED technology. Korean manufacturers either close their LCD production lines or directly switch to production of OLEDs. Not to be outdone, Taiwanese and mainland manufacturers have already begun to lay out their OLED production lines and will begin mass production in 2019.
The strongest momentum is mainly concentrated on small and medium size AMOLED flexible panels
However, it can also be seen that OLED is currently the most fierce development is still mainly concentrated in the small and medium size AMOLED flexible panel, the relevant data show that in August this year, the country released a total of 17 mobile phone models, 5 use AMOLED screen, accounting for Compared to 29.4%, nearly 30%, and the use of OLED screen mobile phone brand is not just Samsung.
OLED will erode the LCD market in a large area in the next two years
Coupled with the current rumors of the "Apple 8 will use OLED display", but also to promote a large number of panel manufacturers in the OLED acceleration of the layout, for Apple's orders to break the heart, want to come, this is Apple's happy to see After all, Apple is also reluctant to be choked by Samsung.
AMOLED flexible screen
And over the years, Apple's mobile phone as the benchmark for the mobile phone industry has been leading the development of the mobile phone industry. This time it is determined that the use of OLED mobile phone screens will also attract more other mobile phone manufacturers to use OLED panels as mobile phone screens, not to mention, OLED phones. The screen has long been identified as the best cell phone panel at the moment.
The transition from small and medium-sized LCD panels to OLED panels is a foregone conclusion. Although capacity expansion has not been able to expand at a large scale at present, it will inevitably erode the small-size liquid crystal market in two years. However, the development of large-size OLED panels is still unable to keep pace with small-size OLEDs.

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