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Company News >> Will high-end OLED TV price cuts accelerate the LCD market? 16th,Apr,2018
                                              Since this year, LCD TVs have reversed their price hikes due to the cost of raw materials and other reasons, as flat-panel TVs represent the OLED TV prices at the highest end of the TV market.
It is understood that under the push of brands such as Skyworth since 2014, OLED TVs have been accepted by users as the most representative product in TVs. After more than three years of market development, consumers are impressed by the unparalleled display effect of OLED TVs. . Although the OLED TVs currently being sold are very rich in product lines and deep in channels to the second and third tier cities, high prices are still the main reason for consumers to stay on the sidelines.
In fact, since the launch of OLED TVs, with the continuous breakthrough of technology, the improvement of panel yields, and the effect of scale expansion, the cost has been declining, and pricing has experienced tremendous changes in three years. Take LG's 55-inch 4K OLED TV debuted in 2013 as an example. Its listing price is as high as US$14,000, but now its price has fallen to RMB14,000. After a simple exchange rate calculation, it can be concluded that the actual decline in OLED TVs is just three years. Up to seven times. The price of Skyworth OLED TVs has maintained its trend of gradual and pro-individualization since it was listed. Now it is gradually entering the price range of the main sales.
With the confirmation of this year's rising LCD TV market prices, the market is beginning to doubt whether the price of high-end OLED TVs will “delay” or even lead to a recovery surge.
At the OLED industry summit on December 14th last year, Liu Zhizhi, president of Skyworth's color TV division, once said that the outbreak of the OLED industry will take place in 2017, and Skyworth is also preparing to have a dramatic adjustment to the retail price of OLED TVs in recent days.
Liu Yuzhi confirmed the above speculation during an interview with the home network. He confirmed that various conditions for the outbreak of OLED TVs have been fully met, and they only blew up the Skyworth horn. According to data predicted by the market research agency IHS, HEA learned that OLED TVs accounted for 50% of the high-end TV market in 3 years, and 2017 is bound to become an important turning point in the global OLED market.
"From the industrial chain, OLED product technology maturity and market recognition, OLED outbreak conditions are basically available, if you still owe a Dongfeng, it should be the price loose." Liu Yuzhi believes that Skyworth has been promoting OLED for a long time, and more and more brands in the industry chain have joined the OLED camp. For example, upstream panel makers such as BOE and Huaxing Optoelectronics are investing in OLED panel production lines. , And Hass and other chip custom development has also joined the flood of localization of high-end television, breaking the Chinese local color TV lack of OLED independent intellectual property rights situation.
On the issue of product yield and cost generally concerned by the market, under the joint efforts of Skyworth and LGD, the OLED panel's yield has been pulled up to a level similar to LCD's for three years. At the same time, as technology advances and the scale continues to expand, the cost of stand-alone machines drops significantly, which provides OLEDs with an increased market share and an acceleration of LCD cake protection.
Benefited from the mature experience of Skyworth in China's omni-channel market, OLED covered the online high-end crowd from the luxury user community in three years, and covered the secondary and tertiary offline markets to increase consumer contact area and opportunities.
“From the perspective of domestic OLED TV sales data in the first month of this year, Skyworth’s brand sales accounted for nearly half of its sales,” Liu said. “Skyway is considering adopting some radical strategies at the market level in the near future, and we do not rule out that we will make some adjustments in prices soon. The vast majority of users, but the specific extent of waiting for market research and market demonstration and then announced the implementation. But it is clear that consumers will certainly feel the arrival of the OLED era this year."
According to an analysis by a comprehensive source, Skyworth's high-end OLED product prices have been significantly reduced by the end of March this year, and the first occurrence of the break in online shopping will also become a high probability event.

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