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Company News >> Only 8 million iPhone X sold in a quarter. Whether OLED or Liu Haiping affected sales 13th,Apr,2018
                                                      According to Susquehanna Financial Group’s latest iPhone sales data report, Apple sold 45 million iPhones in the first quarter of 2018, a decrease of 13% compared to the same period last year.
Among them, iPhone X, which was replaced by Apple, sold only 8 million units, which disappointed Apple. In contrast, the old iPhone models sold by Apple were still very popular in the first quarter of this year and sold a total of 22 million units.
Last year, Apple redesigned the structure of the iPhone and added more sensors to its functionality. In conjunction with Apple's new IOS system, Apple intended to make the iPhone X the next generation of smart phones.
In order to support the virtual reality function, Apple not only adopted an OLED display that can freely adjust the refresh rate, but also adopted a full-screen design with four equal sides. The display module processing technology was almost upgraded to the extreme.
At the same time, in order to facilitate the extraction of virtual reality content, the rear camera adopts a vertical arrangement of "traffic light" design, which can provide a panoramic import function when the mobile phone is molded.
The front camera adopts the FACE ID component group that incorporates the 3D real-world extraction function and is placed in the “bangs” area of ​​the OLED display. It not only supports face recognition security authentication, but also can realize the modeling function. Real-world functionality leaves the data interface.
However, I do not know Apple for any reason, on the iPhone X Apple did not design with its relative operational components of the virtual reality IOS system, and even the most simple VR features are not open, which makes the iPhone X become just a generation of appearance again The weird mobile phones that were designed cannot become new generations that can't replace new features. They haven't driven the need for replacement in the market.
In fact, after Apple solved the bottleneck of the production capacity of FACE ID, the market's popularity for the iPhone X was not as high as Apple had imagined. Combining the sales status of new and old models, Apple continuously lowered orders for new models. proportion.
In the end it was because of the design of the iPhone X, whether the OLED display was not good for consumers, or whether the Liu Haiping design affected sales, or whether the price factor caused the user to postpone the replacement, and Apple might not be able to tell.
However, Apple didn't understand why the iPhone X was not welcomed by the market. In order to test what factors affect the new model's market sales, Apple adopted three product design combinations in this year's new model: high-priced large-screen OLED "Liu Hai" special-shaped design models, iPhone X upgrade models, low-cost screen LCD "Liu Hai" special-shaped design models.
Apple hopes to compare the sales of these three product design portfolios and the sales comparison between the new design models and the old traditional design models this year to find out the real reason why the market sales are not as expected.
According to information returned by the industry chain, among the three new models of Apple this year, half of the models are still preparing to use OLED displays, and Samsung’s stocking plans are also about 1 to 130 million, and the other models are all LCD model.
At the same time, in the LCD "Liu Hai" special-shaped design models, the display screen is mainly designed and produced by JDI. The special-shaped cutting and module assembly of LCD screens are completed by the Wistron Group, which originally assembled iPhone5C.
Regardless of speculation that low-priced LCD screen "Liu Hai" shaped design will be the main force of Apple's new aircraft shipments this year, but to see Apple's arrangement, it is clear that the purpose of this model, is likely to be the same with the iPhone5C that year, but Testing the degree of recognition of the market under its design, Apple is likely to be happy to see its big sales, but will not have too much hope for this model. The purpose of Apple is to increase the recognition of the "Liu Hai" special-shaped design concept of this display screen.

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