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Company News >> Tiantong Jicheng won a big order for BOE's Mianyang flexible OLED production line equipment. Sales and profits increased by 30% in the first quarter 11th,Apr,2018
                                              Recently, the reporter walked into the production workshop of Tiantongjicheng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., which is located in the Haining Economic Development Zone. Accompanied by the sound of rumbling machines, a Taiwanese production facility was operating at a fast pace, and the workers performed their duties in an orderly manner. Busy, the scene of a booming production scene.
“In the first quarter of this year, the Tiantong equipment industry achieved a ‘double increase’ in sales and profits, which were more than 30% higher than the same period of last year. Orders on hand have exceeded 600 million yuan,” said Yu Minren, general manager of the company.

Tiantongjicheng Production Workshop
Keep an eye on the development of the industry and adjust the industrial layout
In recent years, with the rapid development of emerging industries such as domestic new materials and new energy sources, the pan-semiconductor industry has become an important part of the city's “new kinetic energy” and has attracted the attention of people from all walks of life. Yu Minren’s confidence comes from the accurate judgment of industry trends and benefits from the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.
As soon as we walked into Tiantongjicheng, several gray and white buildings came into view, and in Building 5, construction workers were busy in and out, and were very motivated. This building, which will be opened in the second half of the year, will create a first-rate hardware environment for the Pan-semiconductor equipment production line to be introduced by the company.
"The company's main products are semiconductor crystal material growth equipment, 8-inch and 12-inch integrated circuit manufacturing CMP equipment, SMIF equipment, and optical inspection and automation equipment for TFT-LCD, AMOLED display panels. The main technical indicators of the equipment have reached the advanced level of similar international products and can be used as an alternative to imports.” Su Jinghong, deputy general manager of Tiantong Jicheng, said.
Focusing on the development trend of the industry, Tiantongjicheng timely adjusted the industrial layout, increased R&D investment in special equipment such as LCD panels, sapphire materials, and silicon single crystal materials, and took the road of independent research and development in the integration of equipment and technology, and also helped Tiantong Stock opened up the "material-equipment-core device" value chain. In February of this year, Zhejiang Province announced the list of the fifth batch of “machine substitution” engineering service companies. Tiantong Jicheng’s powder material equipment was successfully selected for its excellent smart manufacturing system solution performance.
Independent R&D Design Receives Large Orders
Recently, Tiantong Jicheng won the bid for the automation equipment of the sixth-generation AMOLED (Flexible) production line project of Mianyang BOE with a winning bid of 133 million yuan. "AMOLED has the advantages of good display effect, wide viewing angle, and low manufacturing cost, which poses a strong challenge to traditional LCD display technology." Su Jinghong said that the acquisition of this order has further accelerated the pace of the company's pan-semiconductor equipment manufacturing domestically. It is of great significance to the rapid development of Tiantong's smart equipment industry.
A good market response also encourages enterprises to expand their capital and increase production.
It is reported that AMOLED binding equipment developed by Tiantong Jicheng to introduce technical talents will begin trial production in the second quarter of this year; the new generation of chemical mechanical polishing equipment (CMP) introduced by the US technical team to form a joint venture company will be put into the show verification work in the near future. At the scene, the reporter saw that this CMP machine integrated a post-cleaning unit and had a variety of end-point detection and sub-zone grinding head technology, which made him feel “a sense of science and technology”.
Su Jinghong introduced that the equipment has a completely independent design and patent, high production capacity and low consumables, making the unit cost of semiconductor product production greatly reduced, and CMP equipment in the semiconductor integrated circuit industry, a wide range of demand, the current localization rate is low, the market is very large .
Leveraging Smart Manufacturing to Realize "Curve Overtaking"
At present, whether it is in the Yangtze River Delta or the Pearl River Delta, in order to solve the problems of rising labor costs and recruitment difficulties, the digitization and networked manufacturing of enterprises - that is, "machine substitution" is becoming a trend. In Tiantongjicheng's workshop, the reporter saw that with the help of automation equipment, the number of workers was small, but the company’s production was well-organized.
“We continue to promote 'machine substitution' and create a digital workshop to achieve reductions in efficiency. Taking the crystal growth furnace for semiconductor materials, now one employee can look after 10 machines, saving about 70% of the manpower than ever before. "Su Jinghong said.
Judging from the domestic pan-semiconductor industry, the direction of future development is gradually clear - high-efficiency, high-quality, and innovation have become the core direction of competition among many domestic pan-semiconductor companies.
At the end of 2017, the National Institute of Crystal Growth Technology, the Institute of Semiconductor Crystal Materials and Equipment Technology have settled in Wuhu International Science and Technology City. At the beginning of this year, the Tiantong-Pan Semiconductor Industrial Park project in the Economic Development Zone in the city of Chengdu has progressed smoothly and the plant construction is in full swing.
"Our cooperation with Wuhu International Science and Technology City is comprehensive, and it will be beneficial to the research and development of Pan-semiconductor materials and equipment. The company will rely on the high-tech and talents of Penghu International Science and Technology City to achieve the pace of equipment R&D and manufacturing. "Su Jinghong said.
The reporter learned that, such as today's shares of sapphire and piezoelectric crystal growth furnace equipment are independently R & D and production by Tiantong Jicheng, which also laid the equipment protection and unique competitive advantages for the continuous development of Tiantong crystal materials. With the transfer of the international pan-semiconductor industry, Haining's Pan Semiconductor Industrial Park is also ushering in a new round of development opportunities.
In response, Yu Minren, general manager, said: "We strive to become a smart equipment manufacturing company with talented people, core technologies, integrated capabilities, industrial scale, industry influence, and independent brands, and we will create localized equipment in the field of pan-semiconductors. High-quality suppliers contribute to the flourishing development of China's semiconductor industry."

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