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Company News >> Embrace the smart phone upgrade innovation Keep up with the OLED panel trend 8th,Apr,2018
                                               The A-share electronic sector performed strongly in the first half of the year and the industry expansion trend did not change.
Since the beginning of this year, the overall A-share market has fluctuate greatly. Benefiting from the innovation and fundamentals in the consumer electronics sector, the A-share electronic sector has performed strongly. The CITIC electronic components industry (weighted average circulating market value, the same below) has risen by 9.56. %, in the entire TMT industry rose first, relative gains also led the broader market. On the whole, the electronics industry has a higher overall prosperity in the past two years, and both income and net profit have shown an upward trend. The business climate in the first quarter of 2017 has greatly improved compared with the same period of last year, showing the traditional off-season not to be light. Although revenue and net profit fell in the first quarter of 2017, considering that the first quarter was off-season and the year-on-year growth was higher, we believe the overall trend of industry expansion remains unchanged. The overall PE of the current electronic sector is around 43 times. The valuation is relatively low compared to this year. It is relatively moderate to the last decade and relatively low to the entire TMT industry.
Smart phone upgrade innovation brings many investment opportunities.
Since Apple released the first iPhone in 2007, smart phones have been the main driving force for the growth of the electronics industry. The electronics industry has also experienced a decade of rapid development. Although the smart phone market has become increasingly saturated in 2015, smart phones are still the biggest attraction in the consumer electronics field. In particular, driven by the new Apple iPhone8 this year, smart phone hardware upgrades and appearance innovations will become the biggest highlights of the electronics industry in the second half of the year. We judge that there will be more investment opportunities for smart phone upgrades such as 3D glass and zirconia ceramics, wireless charging, and full screen.
Demand supply trends have been established, OLED usher in a period of rapid development.
At present, the trend of increasing demand and supply of OLED panels based on smart phones has been established. This year, Apple will use OLED screens on its new smart phones with a high probability. OLEDs will be accelerated as potential next-generation mainstream display technologies. During the application phase, industry burst nodes are coming. Domestic manufacturers that have vigorously deployed OLEDs in advance are beginning to show results, and key technologies are constantly making breakthroughs. Domestic manufacturers have potential huge market space to be filled from OLED upstream raw materials to panel manufacturing. The industry pattern dominated by traditional Korean panel makers dominated by Samsung SMD and LGD is changing. In the future, there are likely to be two domestic and South Korean rivals and Taiwan and Japanese manufacturers coexist.

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