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Company News >> LCD panel prices support? 8.6 Responsibility for generating capacity is difficult to resolve supply shortage? 30th,March,2018
                                         In the second quarter of this year, the 8th-generation liquid crystal (LCD) panel makers of the Taiwan-Korea industry have gradually put into production. The outside world is worried that the increase in supply will impact the panel price. However, experts pointed out that at the time of increasing supply, the old production lines were gradually decommissioned, and the impact on panel prices may not be terribly imagined.

Korean media etnews reported on the 19th that when people bought large-size TVs, Sharp abruptly stopped supplying Samsung Electronics, resulting in extreme shortages of large-size panel supplies, and the industry was eager to invest in expansion. Innolux's 8.6 plant in Kaohsiung was put into production at the beginning of this year and could produce between 45,000 and 50,000 panels per month. South Korea's panel maker LG Display (LGD) will invest in the second phase of its Guangzhou plant in China, and its monthly production capacity will increase by 50,000. China's BOE 8th-generation plant “B10” will produce 75,000 pieces per month. After the completion of the second stage of investment early next year, the production capacity will increase to 240,000 pieces per month.
8.6 On behalf of the plant (2,250 × 2,600 mm) and 8.5 generations (2,250 × 2,500 mm), more large-size panels can be cut. Taking a 50-inch panel as an example, the 8.6-inch plant can cut 8 pieces and the 8.5-inch piece can produce 6 pieces. 58 The gap between the panel and the panel is larger, with 6 wafers at the 8.6-inch plant and 3 wafers at the 8.5-generation plant. Experts predict that despite the increase in supply, the shortage cannot be completely resolved. This is because both Taiwan and South Korea have phased out old production lines at the end of last year and early this year, and at the end of this year, more old factories may be decommissioned, and after an increase or decrease, the supply will increase. The situation may not be as serious as expected. Experts also said that TV makers have lowered their TV sales target and have had an impact on panel prices, which is more than an increase in supply.
Global panel makers are currently aggressively driving up capital expenditures on the 10th generation LCD panels and OLEDs. At the same time, quotations are beginning to face downward pressure. Bernstein Securities warns that the industrial outlook may not be very good.
Barron`s. Com reported on June 7, Bernstein published a research report pointed out that in 2017 the panel industry's capacity growth is quite modest, but with the G10 LCD panel factory and OLED new production capacity coming on line, 2018,2019 supply will be significantly higher. Not only that, but the gap between TV panel and TV shipments is likely to increase in the coming quarters. Therefore, TV panel prices are currently strong, and there will be reversal of doubts in the next few months. This also means that there is a risk of inventories being pushed up, which may impact the sudden drop in the price.
According to the report, the panel maker's gross profit margin probably reached its peak in Q4 of 2016 or Q1 of 2017, and should be viewed conservatively in 2018. The panel stock's value and the company's ability to create cash flow are getting worse, which means that the stock price may fall further. The securities therefore set the investment ratings of LG Display, AUO, and Innolux to “underperforming the broader market”.

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