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Company News >> QLED QD TV Comments: Will eventually replace OLED/LCD? 23th,March,2018
                                                    Recalling the history of the television industry, from the dispute between the rear projection, the dispute between plasma and liquid crystal, to the battle between the two camps of QLED and OLED, every change in display technology means a reshuffle of the industry. QLEDs, which are the "late generations" of OLEDs for more than two years, have been driven by Samsung, TCL, Hisense, Philips and other TV giants.
QLED QD TV Comments: Finally replace OLED/LCD?
You may not believe it! QLED display technology is the future master
In 2015, Samsung released SUHD TV and announced the clarion call of QLED TV. In 2016, it acquired QD Vision, a technology company known as the “founder of Quantum Dot Display”, and further refined QLED research and development; in 2017, Samsung’s first QLED. The flagship TV - Q8C was born. Since then, Samsung has officially embarked on the QLED road.
QLED QD TV Comments: Will eventually replace OLED/LCD?
CES 2017 Samsung QLED TV officially unveiled
In addition to Samsung, the domestic giant TCL is also the world's first to begin research and promotion of quantum dot display technology, so it has absolute power in this advanced display technology. Since the introduction of the first QD-enabled products in 2014, we have been cultivating this; from the X1, the world’s first QUHD TV QD TV, in early 2016, to the X5 just announced this year, TCL’s QLED layout has become even faster. .
QLED QD TV Comments: Will eventually replace OLED/LCD?
TCL X1 Quantum Dot TV
At present, TCL has invested billions of yuan in quantum dot technology. Currently, TCL is using existing OLED materials to practice printing technology to gradually realize the application of quantum dot technology, and plans to strive for the commercialization of quantum dot technology in five years. .
QLED QD TV Comments: Will eventually replace OLED/LCD?
Hisense ULED TV
Hisense, on the other hand, started his own research and development and launched his own ULED TV. Hisense TV series ULED super-quality TV sets the advantages of quantum dot technology, becomes a representative product of LCD TVs, and is another milestone product of Hisense's promotion of LCD display technology upgrade. It is reported that Hisense new generation of quantum dot display products will be officially listed in 2019, after also will continue to offer better ULED TV products.
QLED QD TV Comments: Will eventually replace OLED/LCD?
Quantum dot technology is moving from green to mature
In recent years, QLED technology has gradually matured from the initial “green” and its market share has also steadily increased. Samsung the world's largest and third largest in the utmost support TCL QLED display technology, the momentum can be expected in the future will be increasingly strong. So why can QD QLED backlighting make so many giants dump it?
What is QLED technology?
QLED is an abbreviation of English "Quantum Dot light Emitting Diode". Chinese is literally translated as a quantum dot light emitting diode, and we usually call it quantum screen display technology. This is a new technology between liquid crystal and OLED. The principle is through The blue LED light illuminates the quantum dots to stimulate red and green light.
QLED QD TV Comments: Will eventually replace OLED/LCD?
Quantum TV display principle
The core of QLED technology is "Quantum Dot," a solution semiconductor nanocrystal with sizes ranging from 2 to 8 nanometers. When it is subjected to light or electrical stimulation, light colored quantum dots will be issued; the color of the light is determined by the size and shape of the quantum dots. Depending on the diameter, quantum dots can emit different colors from blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and so on.

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