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Company News >> 2017 China OLED display industry high-level seminar held in Beijing Shengda 21th,March,2018
                                             On December 28, 2017, the Upstream and Downstream Enterprises of the OLED Display Industry Branch of the China Electronics Video Industry Association organized the "2017 China OLED Display Industry Chain High-Level Seminar" at the Beijing Wanshou Hotel. The conference was co-organized by Shanghai Yulian Culture Communication Co., Ltd. More than 60 domestic and foreign experts and scholars and representatives of OLED upstream and downstream companies made in-depth exchanges and discussed the key issues and solutions in the current process of technological transformation and upgrading. And make analysis and prediction of the direction of industry development in the next few years.
High-level seminar site
Experts gather to co-ordinate OLED display industry event
Mr. Bai Weimin, Executive Vice President of China Electronics Video Association, Professor Xu Zheng, Beijing Jiaotong University, Chairman of the OLED Sub-unit, Shenzhen Skyworth-RGB Electronics Co., Ltd., Assistant President/Product Director Bai Zheng, BOE Group Vice President/Chief Strategy Marketing Officer Michihara, Vice President of OLED Global Promotion of LG Display Co., Ltd. / Executive Li Tinghan, Head of OLED Global Marketing of Samsung Display Company, Executive Yin Yinan, Deputy Director of Household Display Products Division of Sony (China) Co., Ltd., Gao Ming, and CES of Huaxing Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Director Sun Liang, Marketing Director of Visionox Yu Ningning, General Manager Dai Lei of Beijing Agrilea Technology Development Co., Ltd., Pang Huiqing, Deputy General Manager of Device Engineering of Beijing Xiayi Technology Co., Ltd., Chase Li, Senior Analyst of IHS, Ovi More than a dozen industry experts and business leaders, including Cui Jilong, research director of AVC Industry Chain, shared the research report at the meeting.
Photo of guests on site
This meeting received extensive participation from the upstream, middle, and downstream industries. Including Shenzhen Skyworth-RGB Electronics Co., Ltd., Changhong Multimedia Industry Co., Ltd., LGE, Sony China Co., Ltd., Huawei, FMC, Beijing Automotive, Beijing New Energy Automotive Co., Ltd., Suning Yunshang Group Co., Ltd., BOE, China Star Optoelectronics, Tianma , Visionox, Samsung Display, LG Display, Beijing Electronics Holdings Co., Ltd., Lingyunguang Technology Group, Beijing 800 Million Time-Space LCD Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Microelectronics Equipment (Group) Co., Ltd., and New Phase Microelectronics (Shanghai) ), Beijing Green Human Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Yanhua Jilian Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Ding Material Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Xiayi Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Agria Technology Development Co., Ltd., Anhui Dafu Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Everlight Electronic Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhaowei Technology Development Co., Ltd., Suzhou Nakai Technology Co., Ltd., IHS, Owe Cloud Network, Isaiah (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., Wutong Tree Capital, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing Tairuite Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd. The companies such as upstream OLED material companies, mask edition companies, equipment companies, and drive IC companies, and panel companies in the middle reaches, as well as representatives of downstream TV, mobile phone and automobile manufacturers, universities, consulting agencies, and investment institutions attended the conference.
Special analysis to promote the integration of OLED industry chain development
Executive Vice President of China Electronics Video Association Bai Weimin
Bai Weimin, executive vice president of the China Electronic Video Industry Association, made a speech on behalf of the organizer. President White said that China has already invested in 7 large- and medium-size OLED flexible panel lines and mass production. Recently, LGD also announced that it will invest in a large-size OLED panel production line in Guangzhou. With the vigorous development of China's OLED industry, it is expected to become the world's most important OLED industry base. However, our OLED industry is still faced with two major challenges: First, consumer awareness of OLED technology is insufficient, especially in large-size products, limiting the overall upgrade of consumption; Second, our upstream core materials and equipment industry is still very weak. If we do not accelerate the localization process of upstream support, the technology will be subject to people and the added value of the industry will be difficult to increase. President Bai pointed out that in this context, the Association established the OLED branch to optimize the allocation of resources by accelerating technical cooperation and accelerate the industrial process. OLED branch and member companies have done a lot of fruitful work. In addition to various forms of communication activities, they have also formulated display technology standards for OLED TVs and OLED mobile terminals, filling gaps in industry technical standards. President Bai proposed that he hopes that companies can use the OLED branch's platform to form a good cooperative relationship.
Beijing Jiaotong University Professor Xu Zheng
Prof. Xu Zheng from Beijing Jiaotong University came to the conference and brought the keynote speech “Show Materials Progress”. In the speech, Prof. Xu Zheng recalled the development of flat panel display technology. He said that “display technology leads human life and display devices are ubiquitous”. In the sharing of related technologies for flat panel display, the core materials of TFT-LCD devices and AMOLED devices were compared vertically and horizontally, and the contrast ratio, reaction time, and viewing angles of the three display technologies LCD, OLED, and Mico LEDs were compared. . Professor Xu Zheng believes that the difficulties that need to be overcome in high-quality printing of OLED display panels are mainly the uniformity and compactness of the film, the contact characteristics of the film interface and the high purification requirements for the preparation environment, while the Micro LED technology has difficulties in the transfer process, and the large size is difficult and difficult. Difficulty in the problem of consistency of full colorization, yield, and wavelength of emitted light.
Shenzhen Skyworth-RGB Electronics Co., Ltd. Business Division President Assistant / Director of Products Division
Chairman of the OLED branch chairman unit Shenzhen Skyworth-RGB Electronics Co., Ltd.’s Business Unit Assistant/Product Director Bai Yin published a keynote entitled “The Best Entertainment Experience for OLED TV Guidance”. Bai Yan pointed out in his speech that in terms of large-scale, from 2015 to now, OLED TVs have increased from only three of the original to more than a dozen now. In the environment where the overall color TV market suffers from cold spells, OLED TVs have shown a relatively rapid growth trend. In 2018, global OLED TV sales will increase to 2.8 million units. In terms of small-sized applications, in 2017, Samsung, Apple, and Huawei dominated the mobile phone manufacturers to promote the concept of a full-screen, and have introduced smart phones using AMOLED screens. In the future, with the addition of 8.5 generations of OLED panel makers, 10.5 generations, and more manufacturers represented by BOE, it is believed that OLED TV products will soon enter the mainstream.
BOE Group Vice President and Chief Strategic Marketing Officer
BOE Group Vice President/Chief Strategic Marketing Officer Hara Yoshihiro gave a speech on the "5G era AMOLED market opportunity and BOE strategic layout" at this meeting. Yuan Yu pointed out that the deep integration of 5G and sensor/big data/artificial intelligence will effectively promote the full upgrade of smart display ports. AMOLED has a display characteristic that conforms to the trend of the 5G era, and predicts that the AMOLED industry will develop rapidly. By 2024, shipments and revenues will increase threefold. BOE has made a strategic layout in the AMOLED industry. Chengdu G6 Flexible AMOLED has been mass-produced this year; and a research and development system has been established: Jointly participating suppliers to participate in research projects at the technology end to jointly develop "new materials" and "new equipments", and to unite at the market side. The customer develops the entire machine and integrates the terminal requirements in R&D.
LG Display Vice President, OLED Global Promotion / Executive Li Tinghan
Li Tinghan, Vice President of OLED Global Promotion at LG Display Corporation, shared a report titled “Introduction to LG Display and Future Direction of OLED”. Li Tinghan believes that OLED has become a general trend and OLED provides consumers with new experiences. At the same time, it also shares the LGD OLED product plan, in which large-size products are laid out in both large-scale and innovative designs, while the small-size core technologies are full-screen and small. Radius of curvature. In order to realize the market strategy of expanding OLED production capacity, the 8.5-generation OLED project in Guangzhou for the first time overseas investment has been approved by the Korean government.
Samsung Display Corporation OLED Global Marketing Director / Managing Director Yin Zai-nan
Yin Yinnan, head of OLED's global marketing department at Samsung Display, has published a report titled "Monitor Evolution and New Market Opportunities." He pointed out that AMOLED possesses “dominant gene + self evolution” and is a game changer in the mobile device market; AMOLED display brings high image quality, which is not only the most suitable display screen for smart phones, but also protects the eye health. Yin Zainan predicts that in the 4th industrial revolution combined with new technologies such as IoT and AI, displays that convey information to humans as interfaces will grow rapidly, and AMOLED technology will achieve rapid growth and benefit from it.
Sony (China) Co., Ltd. Deputy Director of Home Display Products Gao Ming
Gao Ming, deputy director of the home display products division of Sony (China) Co., Ltd., brought a report on "The Study of Domestic Consumption Behavior of OLED Displays." Gao Ming mentioned in the report that the share of global OLED TVs has continued to grow. Taking the Chinese market as an example, in the whole machine market of more than 10,000 yuan, the proportion of OLED TVs increased from 4.7% in September 2016 to 10% in September 2017. Although the growth rate is gratifying, the share of OLED TVs in the overall TV market remains to be improved.
China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. OLED Research Director Sun Liang
Sun Liang, OLED R&D director of Shenzhen Huaxing Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., shared the report “Flexible OLED Powered Mobile Innovation”. Sun Liang pointed out that the flexible OLED market is the only high-speed growth market in the display industry, with a compound annual growth rate of 95% and more than 400 million in 2020. After 2017, the world will increase 12 flexible OLED panel production lines, of which 7 are in mainland China. In particular, the increase in demand for mobile phones will drive the rapid development of the flexible OLED display panel industry.
Wei Xinnuo Marketing Director Yu Ningning
Wei Xinnuo’s director of marketing, Yu Ningning, shared the theme report of “The Internet Age, the Future of Flexible AMOLED Display Technology”. Yu Ningning said that in fact, the outbreak of the overall screen this year is one of the most important contexts of smart phone products. The rise of full-screen mobile phones surpassed the expectations of everyone at that time. The new fit and profile cutting appeal enhances the competitiveness of flexible AMOLED panels. At the same time, the fingerprint technology program under the screen is gradually advancing, and OLED is the best solution. This year, domestic shipments of OLED panel manufacturers continue to increase, and will grow even more next year. Mobile phone products from the past to the 18:9 or 19:9 grooved products and then to the future folded screen products will have a great impact on existing products, and will undergo a revolutionary change from product design to content ecology.
General Manager of Beijing Agreya Technology Development Co., Ltd. Dai Lei
DAI Lei, General Manager of Beijing AgraRay Technology Development Co., Ltd., stated in the report entitled “China's OLED Material Industry – Features, Innovation, and Development” report that OLED OLEDs are the basis for all OLED applications, and OLED technology is on the list. One of the greatest innovations of the past 25 years. By 2019, more than 20 domestic production lines will be put into use, and downstream panel companies will spend more than 400 billion yuan on OLED displays. However, there are few Chinese manufacturers in the upper reaches of the industry chain with the highest profit margins. Currently, the upstream materials in China are still relatively weak. However, Dai Lei said that with the joint efforts of production, research, and research, domestic OLED materials will have rapid progress in the next few years. It is estimated that OLED material production capacity will increase from 5 tons in 2017 to 150 tons in 2020.
Beijing Xiayi Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager of Device Engineering Pang Huiqing
Pang Huiqing, deputy general manager of device engineering of Beijing Xiayi Technology Co., Ltd., pointed out in the report “Challenges and Opportunities for Localization of OLED Materials” that the current domestic OLED materials sector is still relatively backward, and domestic enterprises are mostly concentrated in the chemical raw materials field with low gross profit margin. There are fewer domestic companies in the intermediate sector, and the terminal materials with the highest profit margins are in the hands of companies in Europe, the United States, Japan, and South Korea. After a long period of time, Japan, Europe and the United States have accumulated a large amount of patented technology, and Korean material suppliers have come from behind. However, patent embargo has not yet been formed. Domestic enterprises should speed up the patent layout and seize technological high ground.
IHS Senior Analyst Chase Li
IHS Senior Analyst Chase Li took the topic of “Top Ten AMOLED Issues” and focused on the global AMOLED display market. It is expected that global shipments of AMOLED mobile phones will climb from 440 million units in 2017 to 770 million units in 2020, among which AMOLED-LTPS technology. The penetration rate in mobile phones increased from only 17% in 2015 to 39% in 2020. The report provides in-depth analysis of the top ten issues faced by AMOLED display, covering the challenges faced by technologies, devices, applications, supply and demand, and costs.
AVC Cloud Industry Research Director Cui Jilong
Cui Jilong, research director of AVC's industrial chain, shared a research report titled "Status and Opportunities for the Development of OLED Display Industry - When the Next Generation Became the Present." The report points out that OLED is the current and current technology, and the penetration rate of OLED in mainstream applications reached 23% in 2017 and reached 49% in 2020. The most important applications of OLED display are television and smart phone fields. The development history of large-size OLED TVs and small-size OLED mobile phones is quite different. In the OLED market, Samsung Display has occupied 96.3% of the market share. LGD, as well as panel makers in China and Taiwan, China, are actively investing. However, there is still a long way to go to increase production capacity and improve yield. In terms of industrial development, it is recommended to infiltrate the upstream of the industrial chain, adopt a variety of technical layouts, conduct prudent market assessments when new production capacity is added, and abide by the gradual development model.
Hot discussion of guests to solve the industry development problems
Deputy Secretary-General of China Electronics Video Industry Association and Secretary-General of OLED Branch Peng Jianfeng
The chairperson of the conference, Peng Jianfeng, deputy secretary-general of the China Electronics Industry Association and the secretary general of the OLED branch, introduced the important work of the club in the past two years, and released the "White Paper on OLED Display Industry 2017", and stated that it will continue to strengthen the standardization in the future. We will build and organize various seminars and salon activities in various forms to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between industry, universities, and research institutes.
"2017 China OLED display industry research white paper" released
In this meeting, the participants also had a lively discussion and put forward different views and solutions to the current difficulties in the development of the industry.
The participants conducted several discussions on the application of the OLED display car. Participants believe that OLEDs are superior to LCD screens in terms of their adaptability to high and low temperatures, and they can reach 50,000 hours in terms of their life spans, and they can meet the needs of vehicles. According to Yuan Hao, vice president of BOE, we have always stressed that the cooperation between upstream and downstream is "cooperation", and we must all work together to cooperate in research and development. He called on material manufacturers to participate in the development of automotive OLED devices, seeking solutions from raw materials and process improvements to meet the harsh environment test and truly solve the problem of reliable devices.

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