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Company News >> Samsung Galaxy S9 equipped with six kinds of smart identification What's special
Samsung Galaxy S9 4GB+64GB, priced at 5799 yuan. Equipped with six kinds of intelligent recognition: iris, face, fingerprints, patterns, digital passwords, and hybrid passwords.
Iris recognition, in short, iris recognition is based on the identity authentication technology of the iris in the eye. In all biometric technologies including fingerprints, iris recognition is the most convenient and safe one for current applications. The characteristics of the iris itself and iris recognition operation are closely related.
In the human eye, the iris is located between the sclera and the pupil, which is the colored ring in your eye. It contains the most abundant texture information and is one of the most unique structures in the body. The formation of the iris is determined by genetics, even if the twins have different iris information, and this determines the uniqueness of iris recognition. At the same time, iris recognition does not require physical contact, and there is no need to worry that the iris information is duplicated as a fingerprint, allowing the iris to recognize more of a layer of non-replicability. Moreover, a person's iris information is almost constant throughout life, with unmatched stability. Therefore, uniqueness, non-replicability, and stability have made iris recognition the “most promising biometric authentication technology in the 21st century.”
Face image acquisition: Different face images can be captured by the camera lens, such as static images, dynamic images, different locations, different expressions, etc., can be well collected. When the user is within the shooting range of the capture device, the capture device automatically searches for and captures the user's face image.
Face detection: Face detection is mainly used for face recognition preprocessing in practice, that is, the position and size of the face are accurately calibrated in the image. The pattern features contained in face images are very rich, such as histogram features, color features, template features, structural features, and Haar features. Face detection is to pick out the useful information and use these features to achieve face detection.
The mainstream face detection method uses Adaboost learning algorithm based on the above features. Adaboost algorithm is a method used for classification. It combines some weaker classification methods and combines new strong classification methods.
Write to the end: Users can choose the most appropriate way to protect their device and application security. The smart scan authentication method, combined with iris scanning and facial recognition technology, enables users to quickly and easily unlock the mobile phone in any environment.

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