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Company News >> Look at the past and present of folding screens from ZTE Axon M
Last year, a mobile phone called ZTE Axon M became a clear stream in the circle. Its uniqueness was not based on monster-level performance, nor was it a bells and whistling system, and it was not an advantage of cost-effectiveness. Instead, it was The outside world is widely known as the "folding screen" design. Since the mobile phone entered the age of smart touch screens, the design concept of “straight board + big screen” seems to have become an everlasting principle, and this insistence is ten years old. Even if the emergence of a full screen last year caused a lot of turmoil, it still did not get rid of the "straight board + big screen" embarrassment. So, when Axon M first appeared in front of us, it created a lot of topics just because of its appearance. However, I was excited to get excited. After calming down, I always felt that the word “folding screen” was not correct. As for what is wrong, listen to the author for you.
Past: People call me flip phone
In 2011, Sony released a tablet PC called Tablet P. The overall shape is like a box of foundations. After opening, a screen is placed on each side. Although this is not a folding screen in the strict sense, Since the two screens can display one screen together, the original intention of the design is the same as that of the folding screen. However, due to the limited technical level at the time, this product has a heavy body and there is an annoying black border between the two screens, so it is not easy to use from the user experience, and then there is no such thing.
Therefore, ZTE's folding screen mobile phone can only be regarded as the first mobile phone, because both Nintendo's game consoles and Sony's dual-screen computers have already had similar designs. However, game consoles and computers are in great demand for dual-screen and multi-view operation. However, for a mobile phone, simplicity and lightness are the user experience that manufacturers should bring to consumers, rather than innovation for innovation.
In general, the Axon M design feels as if it were a re-engraving of the clamshell machine of the year, changed, just replace the numeric keypad at the bottom of the screen with a screen. Technically speaking, there are indeed many difficulties that need to be overcome for the Axon M. The most obvious one is that the rotation of the hinges must not at least have the texture of the flipper. As to what extent it should reach, the kind of damping that MacBook can lift with one finger can be referenced.
The reason why the emergence of Axon M did not allow most people to think of flip phones for the first time, maybe this is a manifestation of continuous improvement in technology. The most important point is the size of the screen. In terms of visual experience, it cannot be the same as previous flip phones. However, it is just the same as the folding of the fuselage at the level of the fuselage.

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