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Company News >> Alien full screen industry consensus differentiation is the key breakthrough
In 2017, the mobile phone industry blew the whirlwind of "full screen", and even some thousand-yuan-level products hit the sign of "full screen". Into 2018, special-shaped full-screen market has become the new darling of the market.
In addition to OPPO's official announcement of the R15 series of all-round screen design, Huawei, Xiaomi, MOTO, etc. also reported the news that they will release a profiled full-screen mobile phone. It seems that it is not difficult to predict the trend of 2018. With reference to the popularity of "Full Screen" in 2017, it is not difficult to guess the penetration rate of all-round shaped screen technology. Only when the trend hit, never lack of follow-up, commendable is how to choose independent thinking in the trend.
Alien full-screen popularity is not unexpected
The word “outlet” has a very high exposure rate in the mobile phone industry, 3G era, 4G era, Internet mobile phones and the upcoming 5G era. "Comprehensive Screen" is also one of the outlets. From the crazy chasing screen ratio to the new "standard" of 18:9, to the more difficult special-shaped cutting technology, it does not exceed the natural iterative logic of smartphones:
1, all the popular product innovation is the result of user choice.
Mobile phone industry has never been lack of clever brain, as early as the functional machine era appeared all kinds of "wonderful work" appearance design and functional innovation, most of which have disappeared in the history of the smoke, the iteration of technology is just one of the user choice is exactly The most important industry standard.
In fact, many of the popular features of the smartphone era have followed this paradigm, either addressing a certain pain point or grabbing something just needed. iPhone 5s with fire fingerprint recognition, followed by a long period of time is almost standard smartphone; such as OPPO flash flash charge solutions such as fast charge, in the battery technology is facing a bottleneck in the background, also by many mobile phone manufacturers learn ; Won the favor of most users of the camera function, it is to become the major mobile phone brands compete for the match point ......
The same is true of the full screen, the earliest Sharp 302SH gives up 80.5% of the screen share last year released a series of flagship mobile phone, mostly beyond the critical point of 80% of the screen, the full screen quickly became the new trend Trend, and the proof of sales. More generally, the visual impact of full screen is irreversible, thus exacerbating the demand of different mobile phone manufacturers for the high screen ratio. The full-screen shaped screen technology with superior visual perception has naturally become a major Mobile phone manufacturers to work hard.
2. The product's iteration speed is subject to the technological maturity of the entire industry chain.
As early as many years ago, the design of full screen has appeared in some concept machines. Until last year, the "full screen" phone really started to popularize. The iPhone X was one of the few products designed with a special full screen. It is not so much that the domestic mobile phone manufacturers have a tendency to follow suit. A more reasonable explanation may be the maturity of the industry.
In terms of technology alone, OPPO applied for a profile screen patent package in January 2017 and obtained patent authorization in September of that year, ahead of other handset manufacturers in time. It can be seen from this that in terms of concept recognition and product planning, the first-line mobile phone manufacturers have not opened a big gap, which can ultimately be limited by the maturity of the industry chain.
The established fact that the performance of iPhone X on product pricing and delivery speed largely reflects the status of upstream and downstream supply chains. Only a few manufacturers, such as Samsung SDC, have mastered the production of special-shaped screens at that time Few of them. For mobile phone manufacturers, if the unrivaled technology is forcibly commercialized, the cost will undoubtedly be passed on to the ultimate consumer. So first apply for the relevant patents, in the supply chain mature and then put into commercial, after all, another reasonable choice.
3, users need to gradually develop habits.
Unlike the "machine-sea tactics" at the beginning of smartphones, the explosion-selling strategy has become the mainstream mobile phone manufacturers choice, especially in the last few years the sales volume among the top three market OPPO, Apple, Huawei, etc., has long been a burst Models and boutique strategy loyal fans, "full screen" era is no exception.
In fact, the concept of "full screen" has emerged in mid-last year, a variety of programs, but about the technology to the user habits. Millet MIX can be said to be one of the earliest mass-produced full-screen mobile phones in China. However, bone conduction headphones and cameras placed on the bottom are contrary to the user's customary design, and the direct result is that it is not a good applause. In contrast, OPPO R11s and other full-screen products launched in the second half of last year have once again created a myth of explosive money sales, in addition to brand factors, following the user habits of moderate innovation or one of the reasons.
Returning to the “full screen” evolutionary process, from the full screen to narrow the upper and lower borders, to the special cutting, the force behind this shift is still the user experience. On the one hand, shaped cutting does not change the front camera, sensors and other components of the physical layout, do not need to re-cultivate the user's habits, can be said to be the best full-screen solution; the other hand, such as OPPO and other mobile phone brands have been introduced After a generation of full screen products, interactive design and user experience continue to optimize, rather than simply sacrificing the use of experience, learning costs and product pricing in exchange for greater screen share.
In other words, shaped full-screen design is not a brand's unique design language, but the evolution of the smart phone industry and the inevitable result of user choice, and will affect the future pattern of the mobile phone industry.

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