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Company News >> Flat panel glass production line complete set of equipment to break the monopoly of foreign countries
According to the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, "Key Technologies and Equipment for Highly Uniform Ultra-Cleanness Glass Substrates for Photovoltaic Display" of Dongxu Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dongxu Group) was approved by China Electronics Society on January 2, 2018 The appraisal committee unanimously considered that the achievement reached the international advanced level and broke the monopoly position of foreign enterprises in the field of flat panel display glass substrate manufacturing.
Flat panel display glass substrate is the flat panel display industry's basic core material, manufacturing technology and equipment involved complex, extremely difficult, represents the highest level of continuous preparation of glass craft level, is restricting the development of China's flat panel display glass substrate industry short board equipment. Developed countries after 20 years of technology research and development and accumulation of enterprises in the flat panel display glass substrate manufacturing in the global monopoly. In the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and organized by the intelligent manufacturing of new models driven by the application, Dongxu Group and Beijing University of Technology, Wuhan University of Technology and other colleges and universities, Zibo Gong Tao Refractories Co., Ltd., Chengdu Bright Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. and other suppliers to carry out Joint innovation, overcome the flat glass substrate melting, forming, finishing and other key phase technology and process equipment. In the melting phase, the all-oxygen combustion electric furnace was developed to make the energy consumption per kilogram of molten glass lower than 1,350 kcal, which is 50% less than the traditional air-burning. During the forming phase, the "five-compartment" platinum channel Key thermoforming equipment, to achieve the glass temperature uniformity, flow stability and precise control to exclude bubbles; in the finishing stage, invented the "water suction differential law" corner grinding technology and equipment to solve the brittle glass Substrate non-destructive, low-pollution machining problems. The use of flat panel display glass production equipment package production of flat panel display glass substrate, the thickness difference between any two points ≤ 0.03mm, warpage ≤ 0.3mm, roughness ≤ 16nm, particle defects greater than 1um ≤ 19 / m2, the quality of glass substrate has reached world-class level.
In addition, Dongxu Group actively promoted the intelligent transformation of the production of flat panel display glass substrates and built the first digital factory in China that is suitable for the production of flat panel display glass substrates. Compared with the traditional manufacturing mode, the production cycle of products is shortened by 20% and the defective rate is reduced More than 40%, comprehensive operating costs reduced by 30% or more.
At present, Dongxu Group has obtained 103 invention patents and 1,066 utility model patents in the manufacture of flat panel display glass substrate products and equipment. With this equipment, 17 sets of complete glass substrate production lines have been set up, which are BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. and other display panel manufacturing companies in more than 25 million square meters of supply, to meet the needs of China's flat panel display industry, improved flat panel display industry equipment support capabilities, the downstream display panel industry to form a strong support.

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