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Company News >> Music Watch shares fell more than 70% of people buy, how do you think?
Currently holds LeTV stock investors over 180,000 people.
Earlier in the morning, the music video network, which had been suspended for nine months, finally resumed its trading. The 6.6 million hand-sealed letter sealed the daily limit and the amount of the seal was up to 9.1 billion.
It is said that in the music before the resumption of the network, there are a number of fund companies Awakening music ratings 3 times its valuation down to a minimum of 3.91 yuan. Compared to the music before the suspension of 15.33 yuan stock price, the price equivalent to a continuous 13 daily limit, the valuation fell more than 70%.
For this situation, the music Watch is clearly ready. Yesterday, held in the music Watch "on the termination of major asset restructuring matters and the company's operating conditions investor briefing," Music Watch Chairman Sun Hongbin said he took over LeTV as the wrong side of the music asleep related parties debt. But sometimes, people dare to call the sun and the moon for a new day, sometimes also want to lose gambling clothes! In the future, he will try his best and hope that he will not regret it. But if there is still no way, it can only regret.
In addition, LeTV Network said the stock price trend is affected by multiple factors, at present, the company will focus on solving the company's financial constraints and supply chain problems, in order to stabilize the company's business recovery.
Statistics show that over 180,000 shareholders currently hold music videos. If shares have been falling, it is definitely a disaster for them. However, the fact is, the industry is generally not optimistic about the music resume. Even most people think that resumption of trading that limit down, is a sure thing. A music net investors told reporters that magnesium passenger network, the phenomenon of opening up on the limit will continue for some time. Ideally, the share price will fall below a certain level and be picked up. "The original choice to buy LeTV stock is due to fancy music as the ecosystem did not expect, but finally smashed."
An industry source who declined to be named said he has not been optimistic about LeTV since listing, because LeTV's PE is too high. A company that is not profitable but keeps rising in price will not be able to end up in the end.
However, even in such a situation, there are still some investors who bought music video stocks today, with a turnover of 18,400 and a turnover of 25.33 million.

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