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Company News >> Polarizer industry in China and South Korea will actively expand polarizer industry will usher in the knockout
The world's top three polarizing plant South Korea's LG Chemical announced that it will invest 3 billion U.S. dollars in Guangzhou to produce large-sized polarizers and packaging materials and will put into production in 2019. The market is expected, with the mainland, South Korea polarizer mill expansion positive, the United States and the United States, such as plastic materials will create pressure on price competition more intense next year.
Chen Ji-ming, chairman of the substrate recently pointed out that the polarizer next year will be a storm, there will be operational pressure. Industry analysis, with the opening of new production capacity may accelerate the industrial knockout, the mainland because of government subsidies will not withdraw from the market, Japan and South Korea may account for the new changes in the future if prices fall further, will only make this knockout more serious.
Industry analysis, the mainland polarizer and Taiwan technology is still a gap between the mainland panel plant expansion is active, there is still demand for the polarizer, but the current mainland, Japan, South Korea and other polarizer industry view, the real profitable company many.
Polaroid panels for one of the key components in the LCD panel production process, each must be used up and down, accounting for about 10% panel production costs, and as the larger the size, the higher the proportion.
LG Chemical is the world's top three polarizer factory. In recent years, including SDI of LG Chemical Samsung, it has expanded its production in mainland China to capture slightly more new production capacity of the panel in the second half of this year, which will help drive the demand for polarizers.
It is understood that at present, the amount of imported polarizer in mainland China accounts for more than half of the demand. LG polarizers of polarizers of polarizers occupy the largest market in mainland China and are the leading players in the local market. With the price dominance, Out, the pressure of price competition will be greater.
It is understood that the LG Chemical intends to invest two 1.5-meter-wide polarizer production line, the main supply of the parent group near the LG Group in Guangzhou 8.5-generation line needs. Recently, Nitto Denko closed its Suzhou plant and focused its resources on the polarizer market of high-value-added medium and small size mobile phones. The South Korea factory smashed heavily to expand production in the mainland and seized the ambitious market for large-format TV polarizers.
Market expectations, with the mainland panel plant out new capacity, 2019 polarizer demand warming, but relatively, the future price competition is more severe.

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