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Company News >> Pegasus / Meeting / BOE / Blue Si and other 15 millet core suppliers to get the money soft
From the peak time in 2015 to the valley bottom in 2016 and then to the Phoenix Nirvana in 2017, in a matter of three years, millet has completed a process of anti-parabola. In 2017, millet mobile phone back to the top five locations worldwide, shipments reached a record high, creating a miracle back to life. According to the data of Rising Sun Data, in 2015, the shipment volume of millet mobile phones surpassed 70 million, dropping to less than 50 million in 2016. In 2017, the shipment of millet mobile phones was 98 million, doubling the year-on-year growth in 2016, Market share increased from 3.4% in 2016 to 6.4%.
For many suppliers, 2016 millet "wrestling", so that they caught off guard, very sad day. Remember the end of 2016 when visiting the mobile phone industry chain, many millet suppliers have asked me: Xiaomi still hope? When can millet get up?
Never thought, millet back in the world with such a lightning-laden trend of the top five, but the shipments also have great momentum of sustained growth. This will not only stabilize the supplier's heart, but also allow its suppliers to make a fortune in 2017. So, today to inventory, 2017 millet back to the peak, which suppliers benefit most?
Millet supply chain features
Before counting, let's get a general idea of ​​the characteristics of the Xiaomi supply chain. From the long-term mobile phone industry chain research shows that the requirements of millet suppliers are mainly two: First, the quality is better; Second, the price is low. Millet has a feverish dedication to higher prices and lower prices. Millet phone main quality under the premise of cost-effective, commonly known as inexpensive, which also formed a millet-specific supply chain characteristics.
In most cases, good and cheap has always been a paradox, there is something called penny goods, in order to enjoy high-quality products, we must give up low prices to accept high prices, and low prices have to accept low quality. However, millet is an exception, millet millet and its suppliers through sharing none other ways to achieve real cost-effective.
To do this, millet in addition to the need for innovative online and offline sales model, but also need to continue to maintain the growth of shipments. Because suppliers, millet suppliers, in accepting lower prices, but also need to provide high-quality products. In this case, the supplier needs to ensure profits through large-scale production, and the continuous growth of the shipment of millet is a guarantee for large-scale supplier supply.
In fact, millet suppliers are relatively stable, it adopted the middle and low end models fixed designated compliance suppliers to maintain continuous cooperation. Millet suppliers to meet the two requirements: First, to ensure product quality, the second is to accept the low prices. The millet to implement these two requirements, but also have a strong bargaining power, the core premise is large. There are two major benefits: First, the supplier is willing to see the cooperation in the long run, and the large amount helps suppliers to reduce costs through large-scale; Second, many listed companies will pursue revenue growth, the amount of large companies The annual report looks good. Therefore, from this point of view to study, you will find that millet mobile phone suppliers, especially the core suppliers, many are listed companies.
Listed companies can provide a good guarantee for the quality of products, while the large amount of millet allows suppliers to guarantee a reasonable profit through large-scale operation while increasing their revenue. This formed a millet and listed companies between the benign relations of cooperation. Therefore, this round of millet mobile phone rally, many domestic listed companies have benefited.
Millet core supplier
The chart below is a map of Sun Microsystems' suppliers of millet core components for 2017. Based on the data we monitored and market research, most of millet's core suppliers will undoubtedly benefit in 2017 . But limited to article length, only pick some suppliers for analysis.
Processor, Qualcomm in the millet here to achieve a double harvest of revenue and revenue. In 2017, Qualcomm handset processor shipments in Xiaomi mobile phone increased by nearly 300%, revenue growth also over 120% year on year. In 2017, 95% of the millet phones use Qualcomm's CPU processor, and this figure is only about 56% in 2016. Qualcomm processors in the proportion of millet mobile phone rapid increase, coupled with millet mobile phone shipments soared in 2017, Qualcomm into the largest beneficiary.
In 2017, Xiaomi and OPPO, vivo and Qualcomm signed a purchase agreement, the agreement of the three total purchase of Qualcomm products within three years will not be less than 12 billion US dollars. If the average 12 billion US dollars apportioned to each brand, then the annual purchase of Qualcomm's agreement in about 1.3 billion US dollars. In 2017, the purchase price of Qualcomm processors alone was about 1.2 billion U.S. dollars. So millet back to the pinnacle, Qualcomm is one of the biggest beneficiaries. Samsung's memory accounted for more than Liu Cheng, the price rise together. Samsung Semiconductors is still the main supplier of millet phone memory in 2017, accounting for over 50% of the supply. In 2017, the memory chips purchased by Samsung from Samsung Semiconductor amounted to more than 1.5 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for over 60% of the transaction amount.

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