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Company News >> 36 innovation awards triumphant Samsung future black technology tyrants CES
At the just-concluded CES, which was hailed as the global consumer electronics benchmark, Samsung Electronics won 36 CES 2018 Innovation Awards and CES. Among them, Samsung launched the new TV won the "Best Innovation Award", which is Samsung won the award for the seventh consecutive year in the television unit. Samsung Smart TV product security solutions and Knox security technology by a number of global authoritative certification body. Samsung Family Hub refrigerator won the "Best Innovation Award", Samsung QuickDrive washing machine won the Innovation Award.
Smart TV: Provide the most reliable security solution
Samsung Smart TV is the first product in the industry to receive Common Criteria (CC) certification for three consecutive years and its Checkout payment service is also certified for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
Knox technology powered by Samsung Smart TV incorporates a hardware-based root-trust security architecture that integrates security across the entire TV platform stack. Starting this year, Samsung Knox technology will be optimized for the user environment of Smart TVs and integrated into all products of the Smart TV family to ensure enhanced product safety. The system detects and removes malicious applications that can steal important data from other applications.
Samsung Checkout payment service received PCI DSS certification from UL, a security certifier, on the CES2018, another notable achievement in the television industry. T-Commerce allows consumers to buy products and services directly on their TV. To this end, Samsung further strengthened the security of Smart TV payment services. Checkout is a payment service specifically for T-Commerce that encrypts credit card information.
Family Hub Refrigerator: Turn on the new experience of smart connected kitchen
2018 Family Hub will provide a wealth of intelligent modules, allowing users to experience the operation has never been. Family Hub helps users synchronize food storage status with menu information and enhance family members' communication and calendar management. With the addition of Bixby voice control and integration with the Samsung SmartThings IoT ecosystem, the Family Hub will become smarter and easier.
The new generation Family Hub implementation combined with the SmartThings system make it easy for users to control and monitor their connected home devices through the Family Hub screen. With the SmartThings App, Family Hub will be able to seamlessly link with many smart devices, including Samsung, for a more flexible and open smart home experience. Through the View Inside App, consumers can always understand the status of food in the refrigerator, the food for better management. In addition, Samsung Family Hub refrigerators can use the new Deals App for users to share the best offers and save them directly to the purchase list or membership card information, thus saving users more time and money.
The new Family Hub will further enhance the kitchen entertainment experience and house AKG Premium Quality Sound Spaker in the refrigerator to create a more honed bass and richer mid-range for the consumer More immersive experience of home entertainment experience. In addition, users can push content from their smartphones simultaneously to Family Hub refrigerators for playback.
QuickDrive washing machine: revolutionizing home laundry experience
Samsung QuickDrive washing machine is an outstanding representative of Samsung's series of laundry innovative products. The biggest advantage of this 24-inch mini washing machine is its 35% faster single-pass cleaning with QuickDrive® technology and a larger capacity roller and stand-alone back panel.
Samsung QuickDrive also supports the Internet of Things and is compatible with the Samsung SmartThings system. The built-in Q-rator helper design takes on the role of "laundry steward" and opens the door to laundry with the Laundry Recipe, Laundry Planner, and Home Care Wizard features. era".
Through the laundry menu and laundry assistant two advantages, Samsung QuickDrive washing machine can also be based on user input color, fabric and dirty degree of information to match the best cleaning program, and to help users to complete the cleaning of personalized settings. With the Home Care Wizard feature, users can monitor the work of the washing machine in real-time to ensure that the machine maintains the best performance and, if necessary, provide the user with an easy-to-use fuselage maintenance program.
In fact, since the first time in the millennium to participate in CES, Samsung has been on the road to innovation hurried breakthroughs. Not only won 36 awards this year, but also won 109 CES Innovation Awards in the last three years, with a total of nearly 390 awards in the past 12 years. Samsung continue to make hegemony CES, brushed eyeballs in the industry. Behind this, the power of Samsung's technological innovation come from?
This is directly related to Samsung's constant investment in R & D and also to Samsung's mechanism to encourage technological innovation. Currently, Samsung has a total of 34 centers around the world R & D center, more than 60,000 R & D staff dedicated to the exploration of future science and technology. According to data released by IFI CLAIMS Patent Services, the world's leading provider of patent databases, Samsung Electronics acquired 5,837 patents in the United States in 2017, an increase of 6% over the previous year, second only to IBM.
Especially in the field of home appliances, Samsung Electronics has been at the forefront of the industry. In the TV industry, Samsung has been the No. 1 global salesman for eleven consecutive years. In the white goods industry, according to the data from Zhongyikang, Samsung's retail sales in 2017 will reach 740.5%, far exceeding 87 in the industry. 6% retail sales growth.
Samsung is like a dream brave technology company, keeping an eye on the trend of the future technology, continuously giving wisdom to products, decoding the future with technological innovation, leading the development of the industry, and continuously creating a tech-rich and life-like intellectual life for us. CBA system is just the beginning.

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