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Company News >> Korean factory exit LCD panel OLED OLED AUO, such as a panel maker lido 15th,Jan,2018
                                                 Following the closure of 3.5 fabs, LGD will shut down its fifth generation fabs and the fourth generation fabs will also close their businesses by the end of the year to fully exploit AMOLEDs. As a result, the supply of LCD small and medium size LCD panels is tight and the price is stable. In particular, the full screen mobile phone panel Lack of help to enhance the AUO, a group, color and huaying small panels such as profit.
Business Korea yesterday (January 16) reported that Han Xiangfan, LGD's vice chairman, previously announced plans to close P2 (3.5G), P3 (4th generation) and P4 (5th generation) LCD panel production lines in Gumi City by the end of this year with P4 plant closed . Industry sources pointed out that LGD is speeding out LCD panels, the focus on the OLED.
Quarterly Bulletin LGD announced on November 15 shows, Gumi P4 plant has been closed in October. As P2 plant has been closed, P3 plant will close at the end of the year, LGD currently responsible for manufacturing five generations of the following LCD panel plant only one, that P5. Han Xiangfan said that at the moment does not intend to invest in additional LCD panels, high-end customers want to buy high-resolution products, LGD intends to invest in this response.
Samsung shut down a seven-generation plant last year, triggering a tight supply of 40-inch TV panels. As Samsung has closed a fifth-generation factory in 2015 and then the second-fifth-generation factory in 2017, it can be seen that the Korean factory exited the small and medium size LCD panel Obvious OLED attack trend.
At the same time, the production capacity of the mainland panel factory is mainly 8.5 generation on behalf of the factory, that is, the production of 55-inch TV panels as the main force, making the four, five and six generations of these suitable for the production of mobile phones and other small and medium size panel plant, AUO, Owned, due to the small and medium-size LCD panel is still in demand, the supply has a chance to tight.

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