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Company News >> 2018CES three major aspects of color TV consumption: AI3.0, OLED, quantum dots
American time January 9, CES International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas grand opening, the gathering gathered the world's leading technology companies and cutting-edge products and innovative technologies. As an important part of the electronic display products, Changhong, Samsung, Sony and other color TV manufacturers share. Looking around the field of color TV, the strength of products manufacturers are moving toward display innovation and experience the context of innovation and development, and quantum dots, OLED, artificial intelligence to become the biggest highlight.
The influx of artificial intelligence surges, Changhong CHiQ TV AI 3.0 lead
Artificial intelligence applications exploded last year, with artificial intelligence TV increasing its market share in China by as much as 80%. This year's CES show, large smart city car solutions, small to daily electric toothbrush, uniform brush hand artificial intelligence technology. Changhong CHiQ TV Q5K reminder AI3.0 effect can be said that the strongest TV artificial intelligence amplitude, under the strong support of big data and cloud computing far-field voice, voiceprint recognition, fuzzy search and other functions, the artificial intelligence The application of color TV industry to a new height. Changhong and other representatives of enterprises in the artificial intelligence television technology exploration will promote the continuous hot AI technology and in-depth.
In CES Changhong CHiQ exclusive exhibition hall, CHiQ TV all equipped with an upgraded version of AI 3.0 technology. In particular, almost all of the latest CHiQ models feature Dolby Vision HDR imaging technology. Utilizing the HDR innovations used in Dolby's state-of-the-art cinema, Dolby View is the industry's premier, only end-to-end HDR solution for greater brightness and contrast, as well as more comprehensive and rich color , Bringing changes to the entertainment experience.
4K + OLED accelerated penetration, product lineup expansion
Screen display has been the core needs of color TV viewing. What is happening now is the keynote of accelerating the penetration of 4K OLED TVs. According to LG Display data, the output of OLED panels in 2017 will be 1.8 million pieces, and that of 2018 is expected to reach 2.8 million pieces. By 2020, the annual output will reach 6 million pieces. OLED TV panel yield improved, has brought a series of favorable environment. At this year's CES show, LG and Sony have demonstrated their affirmation and confidence in OLED technology, to promote the upgraded products.
Last year, LG still maintained its growth despite the downturn in the color television market. The launch of its high-end Yuxi printed OLED TV series also shone at CES. LG is still increasing OLED investment this year, breath released four series of OLED TVs, the biggest feature is the application of additional artificial intelligence features, you can read the news through the voice, view the map, view photos, open a variety of applications, image recognition And so on, but this has been very rich in the application of related technologies in China TV.
Play Quantum dots, extreme demanding display
Since the introduction of SUHD TV, Samsung has been vigorously developing quantum dot display technology, and the more and more extreme. Samsung is one of the most watched companies on CES every year. This year, Samsung continues to expand its quantum dot technology by launching a new QLED TV featuring a full array of LED backlights and Local Dimming technology, presenting more than 1 billion colors and 100% color reproduction, whether bright Or dark scenes are able to maximize the reduction of color.
By browsing this CES TV exhibition found that television display technology continues to upgrade, OLED, quantum dot technology to accelerate the upgrading, and gradually occupy most of the market. The use of television to accelerate the speed of simple Yu, intelligent assistant, artificial intelligence applications began to spread.

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