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Company News >> BOE, LGD and other Chinese and foreign panel makers wrestling 8K big-screen panel market
At the handover between 2017 and 2018, Chinese and foreign panel makers announced their achievements in the development of their 8K panels. Market data forecast that the supply of 8K TV panels above 65 inches will increase this year, 65 inches will be the key product in the 8K TV market. The market growth rate of 8K panels will reach 111% in the next 5 years, indicating that this year is likely to become 8K large-scale output of the first year.
The world's first 8K OLED screen came out
At the beginning of the new year, "Pinch" New Year's Day time node, LG Group's panel maker LGD announced that it has successfully developed the world's first 88-inch 8K OLED panel.
LGD introduced, as the world's first large-size 8K OLED display products, the panel resolution of 7680 × 4320, the number of pixels reached 33 million. Its resolution is four times that of the current 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV and 16 times that of a Full HD (FHD) TV, which gives the user a stunning clear picture.
"As the pioneer in large-size OLED display market, LG Display successfully developed the world's first large-size 8K OLED panel to lead the 8K display era." Jiang Display, vice president of LG Display, said: "In the future, LG Display will continue to accelerate the OLED products Research and development, continue to provide customers and markets the necessary differentiated products. "
Up to now, this product is currently the largest OLED TV panels, the highest resolution of the high-end products, LGD will view it as another milestone in OLED history, in order to target the high-end 8K market.
China's highest generation line put into operation at 8K
In Japan and South Korea have hit enterprises 8K panel manufacturing at the same time, domestic manufacturers have not lived behind the scenes. Late last year, the world's first highest generation line - BOE 10.5-generation TFT-LCD production line put into operation ahead of schedule, which marks the domestic manufacturers joined the 8K LCD panel production camp.
The production line design capacity of 120,000 per month glass substrate, the contract has its customers include Samsung, LG, SONY, Vizio, Skyworth, Konka, Hisense, Changhong, TPV, millet, Haier and so on.
On the production line of the production line, upstream and downstream manufacturers such as BOE jointly video network, codec, equipment and machine convened the "8K Industry Development Roundtable" to conduct in-depth discussions on the ecological construction of 8K technologies, products and applications and open up the industrial chain Difficulties, common development of 8K technology and product standards to promote the popularity of 8K accelerated.
BOE to "create a new era of 8K" to describe the first 10.5 generation TFT-LCD production line put into operation ahead of the significance. In this regard, BOE Senior Vice President Zhang Yu told Nanfang Daily that large-size panels, especially the 8K panel is currently in short supply, BOE has put forward "8425 strategy", that is, "promotion 8K, popularization of 4K, alternative 2K, good 5G "The 10.5th generation TFT-LCD production line is key to the capacity increase of the 8K panel.
65-inch 8K television market will become the key product
At present, the active layout 8K panel production line, it is urgent to mass production, not only LGD and BOE two companies. Well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers in the industry are accelerating the supply of large-size panel production supply to occupy 8K industry opportunities. All along, Sharp actively promoting the 8K LCD panel quite positive, its production line in Guangzhou Zengcheng is actively under construction. In the meantime, Huaxing Power two 11th generation line plan in Shenzhen will be put into operation in the first quarter of 2019 and 2020, Samsung shows that the Guangzhou 10.5 generation line will be put into operation in the fourth quarter of 2019.
Prior to this, although the 8k television has appeared in major exhibitions, but its supply chain is still not perfect, and with the BOE, LGD, Huaxing Power, Sharp and other enterprises to improve the production line, 8K panel production capacity promising 2018 Year began to achieve qualitative leap.
Market research firm HIS data show that more than 65 inches this year, the supply of 8K TV panels will increase, the corresponding large-size TV will soon be shipped. Among them, 65 inches will be the key product of 8K television market. 2018 - 2023, 8K panel market compound growth rate of 111%. In 60-inch large-size panel market, 8K penetration rate will reach 25%. The next 5 years, China's 8K TV market share of shipments will reach 70%.
Analysis of the industry pointed out that this year's World Cup and thereafter the Tokyo Olympics, the Beijing Olympic Winter Games, have become an important opportunity for the popularity of 8K, Japan even proposed that the Tokyo Olympics will be fully realized 8K live.
Aowei cloud network data show that this year is expected to scale the global 8K TV market shipments reached 250,000 units next year up to 900,000 units, as Japan will use the 8K signal source for direct broadcast at the Tokyo Games in 2020, the 8K television market will substantially increase to 180 million units, the market is expected to reach 2,900,000 by 2021.
Know how D high-generation line to develop 8K panel What is the point?
Display generation algebra is based on the size of the glass substrate used to produce the display, the larger the size of the glass substrate, the higher the generational algebra. Such as 6-generation glass substrate size 1500mm × 1850mm, 8.5 generation glass substrate size 2200mm × 2500mm. Currently, the world's highest generation glass substrate line size is 3370mm × 2940mm.
In general, the higher generations of screen generation algebra, the larger the maximum size of economically-cut display screen, the higher the production efficiency. Economic cutting refers to the glass substrate in the case of a fixed size, through the rational planning and calculation to cut the product, the glass substrate to achieve the highest utilization. In general, the industry recognized the number of economic cutting at least 6 pieces. That is, a glass substrate must be cut out of 6 or more of the screen, the production line has the minimum economic benefits. For example, the 8.5 generation line can cut six 55-inch screens for a maximum screen size of 55 inches for economical cuts; cut the same number of displays for up to 70 inches on line 10 while lines 10.5 Can reach 75 inches.
Small size below 65 inches with 8K resolution does not make much sense, just as we previously thought less than 50 inches with 4K meaningless. As a result, only glass panels with large size screens that are economical to cut can make sense for the actual output of 8K panels, so High Generation lines are no substitute for the production of 8K panels.

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