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Company News >> Touch the industry in 2017 two days of ice and snow: a painful and happy year
Capacitive touch screen to change the traditional resistive screen and the keyboard when the visual difference is not synchronized, giving consumers unprecedented and unprecedented high-level human-computer interaction experience in a very short period of time, has become a smart Standard phone. Since Apple's capacitive touch screen into the field of smart phones, by 2017, capacitive touch screen in smart phones on a large scale applications for ten years.
Capacitive touch screen due to the simple user interface, mobile phone display screen to give more space, coupled with multi-touch and gesture control two outstanding performance, completely changed the smart phone man-machine interaction. However, the traditional capacitive touch screen is still far from the perfect stage, and still adopts the mode of directly importing the external capacitor for digital conversion. When the capacitive touch screen is in operation, the value of the introduced capacitor is easily affected by the temperature and humidity of the outside, Chip detection capabilities led to the identification of operational failure.
In order to improve the characteristics of capacitive touch screen, R & D capabilities of mobile phone brands such as Apple and Samsung terminal manufacturers began to use the external capacitance value into the smaller in / on-cell embedded touch solution, other manufacturers in order to catch up with Apple and Samsung smart The handset user experience has also begun to look for supply-capable panel makers to offer similar in-on-cell in-cell touch solutions or the add-on GFF ultra-thin capacitive touch screen solution optimized for the touch screen industry.
Into 2017, due to Apple's display technology to the impact of the OLED display, because Apple is temporarily unable to provide inline LCD performance with the original in-line touch solution, Apple's iPhone in its new iPhoneX, re- Back to the plug-in capacitive touch screen program, consistent with the iPad GF2 plug-in capacitive screen.
Affected by this, China's touch industry in 2017 began to enjoy the twilight - pain and happiness of the year.
High-end ITO conductive film out of stock crisis, high-end models steering in / on-cell embedded touch solution
Apple in the iPhone new iPhoneX, back to the plug-in capacitive touch screen solutions, consistent with the iPad GF2 external capacitive screen, due to the size of the product and the impact of yield, the most direct result is leading to high-end ITO from Japan Conductive film is out of stock.
In 2016, about 100 million mid-to-high end handsets of domestic brands adopted an in / on-cell embedded touch solution to grab market share of medium and high models of Apple and Samsung. Although most of the models are on-cell embedded touch solutions using low-end chips, the majority of in-cell embedded touch solutions are hybrid driver solutions for upper and lower glass sensors. Taiwan and mainland panel factory TDDI in-cell embedded touch solutions, but with in / on-cell embedded touch solution excellent experience, and some localized software localization, or let the rapid erosion of domestic brands Samsung's high-end models in the market share.
In early 2017, the high-end ITO conductive film is out of stock, which directly raises the heavy volume of TDDI in-cell embedded touch solutions purchased by domestic brands, enabling the TDDI in-cell embedded touch panel of Taiwan and mainland panel factories In the shipping scale has been a better breakthrough. In 2017, the number of in-on-cell embedded touch products purchased by domestic brands in high-end models with high-performance TDDI touch chips exceeded 100 billion mark. In addition, hybrid in-cell embedded touch control Products and Upgrades Optimized low-end chips on-cell embedded touch solutions products, the total number of mid-to-high end smartphones made by in-on-cell embedded touch solutions by domestic brands in 2017 also exceeded 2.5 Billion, up to nearly 300 million scale.
Affected by the in / on-cell embedded touch solutions, China's touch panel manufacturers also saw drastic adjustments in shipment structure.
First of all, front-line manufacturers continue to enhance the performance of ultra-thin GFF capacitive touch screens and actively develop domestic ultra-thin ITO conductive film materials to replace imported ones so as to keep the existing customers' purchasing scale from falling sharply. On February 9, Nikko announced that in order to speed up the industrial layout and further increase the market share of its main business, the company issued 17 million shares at a price of 3.2 yuan / share and successfully raised 54.4 million yuan.
At the same time, Owen Science and Technology Co., Ltd., which has the capability of making ITO conductive film, also raised the production capacity of ultrathin ITO conductive film with the cooperation of upstream ultrathin substrate suppliers. Orfe Technology said in December interactive platform for investors, basically has solved the high-end thin ITO conductive film out of stock.
The official after-sales market broke out, second and third line of touch screen manufacturers quietly change the shipping structure
In addition, the second and third line touch screen manufacturers, in addition to continuing to fill the domestic market brought about by the growth of smart phone shipments, but also to a large part of the production capacity of the official after-sales maintenance of domestic brands market.
The past two years, with the rapid growth of shipments of domestic brands, followed by the official after-sales maintenance market also appeared the trend of the outbreak, according to Li Xing learned from the industry information shows that the current second and third line touch screen manufacturers Shipments, more than half of the products are shipped to the official after-sales maintenance market and open maintenance market.
Currently, the market share of China's smart phone market is approaching 1 billion. If we look at the number of after-sales and maintenance of products in 2015/2016, there are about 1.5 to 200 million plug-in capacitive touch-screen screens every year. In addition to this, about 30% of them will be replaced by the official maintenance system procurement plug-in capacitive touch screen, the remaining 70% of the open after-sales maintenance market to complete.
The global smart phone ownership has exceeded 4 billion, and these smart phones after-sales maintenance required almost all plug-in touch screen produced in China, which means that at least 500 million times more than the plug-in capacitive touch screen replacement products , Is entirely China's second and third line touch screen manufacturers in the production.

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