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Company News >> OLED market smoke everywhere: LG China Samsung plant how to pick?
With the improvement of living standards per capita, the development of mobile Internet speeds up, and the pursuit of display effect by consumers is also getting higher and higher. Against this backdrop, OLED leads the next wave of 3C product revolutions with its superior visual experience and low power consumption. Especially this year, driven by domestic and foreign manufacturers such as Apple's iPhone X, Huawei, Xiaomi and OPPO, the flexible OLED display market is extremely hot and further drives the market demand for OLED screens. The global shipment volume of flexible OLED displays has been continuously increasing Hit a record high.
In addition, OLED display applications market is not limited to smart phones, but also widely used in TV panels, smart wearable devices, tablet PCs, AR / VR, automotive panels and other fields. According to relevant data, it is estimated that the global OLED shipments in 2020 will reach 900 million pieces. This figure is 2.5 times of 2015 shipments and the CAGR is 20%.
There is no doubt that OLED will be the next generation of mainstream display technology, so it has also become the industry's new focus of chasing. Around the OLED display panel, a fierce battle has begun.
South Korea approved LG China to build factories
OLED field, China started late, has always been Japan and South Korea manufacturers to master the core technology and initiative. South Korean manufacturer LG Display, also known as LG, is also nicknamed "Millennium II" in South Korea and has been suppressed by rivals Samsung for many years.
Recently, LG is full of limelight in China, first spread its online name changed to "Elgin", then confirmed to be rumors. Previously there have been rumors that LG will establish an OLED joint venture factory in China, and now the news was confirmed, LG plans to build large-size panel project in the Chinese market finally won the approval of the South Korean government to be built in China to invest 45 billion joint-venture factory .
LG came to China to establish OLED factory this cause industry shake, LG to China to build a factory is not a sudden rise. As early as July 25 this year, LG's display company announced the news to the public in Guangzhou, China will build a large-size OLED panel manufacturing joint venture plant, the panel is mainly used for television and electronic billboards.
According to media reports, LG's joint venture plant in Guangzhou Development Zone, adjacent to the 8.5-generation LCD panel factory officially in operation in 2014, has officially started its construction. According to LG's official website, the registered capital of the joint venture factory is about 15.7 billion yuan, while LG will hold 70% of the shares. The other 30% of the shares will be held by Guangzhou Kaytech, a domestic company.
In addition, according to Kay Technology insiders disclosed that the total investment of this project is about 45 billion yuan, 15.7 billion only for the first phase of registered capital.
However, it is interesting to note that for certain reasons, the South Korean government is worried about OLED technology leaks and has not approved this cooperation. LG then went to Vietnam to build factories, to express the determination of overseas factories, in which case the attitude of the South Korean government has softened.
In the last week of 2017, the South Korean government approved the first LG China plant.
OLED screen LG Display can play it?
LG Display, the Chinese name of LG Display, is a global leader in display technology innovation, part of the LG Group. The same company and the old club LG Group, no matter in which area, are suppressed by Samsung. LG Display is a multinational corporation that develops, manufactures and sells display products such as AH-IPS, FPR 3D, OLED and Flexible technologies. Currently, LG Display has factories in Nanjing, Yantai and Guangzhou in China.
Traditional impression, LG LCD screen has a deep attainments, but in today's popular OLED display, the core technology has been mastered by Samsung, the real big brother is Samsung.
However, this perception is actually wrong. LG Display is actually very strong in the field of OLED display technology. Samsung is in the same position as the small size screen. However, LG Display occupies a monopoly position in the large-size OLED display panel.
It is reported that the global OLED large-size panel market, LG Display is the only mass production manufacturers. Large-size panel is mainly used in the field of television, the current smart TV, Internet TV hot exception, which also contributed to LG Display's revenue. Data show that in the second quarter of 2017, LG Display's total revenue of 5838000000 US dollars, an increase of 13% over the same period last year; Among them, the TV panel business accounted for 46% of total revenue in 2017Q2.
In contrast, Samsung has encountered in the field of television OLED display "water inverse." It has been learned that Japan's Sharp, which used to supply LCD panels to Samsung Electronics, suddenly cut off the supply. Samsung Electronics has suddenly cut off some of its liquid crystal panel supply pipes. To this end, Samsung Electronics even plans to offer its competitors LG Display "Help."
In other words, in the field of OLED, when Samsung encounters an accident, the glory of Japan is no longer in the domestic manufacturers are still in its infancy, and LG is a leader in large-size OLED display technology.

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