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Company News >> 2017 TV industry transformation transformation into the main theme OLED such as the most dazzling star in the night sky
When the calendar page turn over, the changing 2017 TV market will also be settled. Behind the fierce competition, it is also time for us to summarize the changes in the color TV industry this year from the extremely complicated and volatile market.
In general, in 2017, the color TV industry is still hidden surging, the industry fierce competition, product innovation, channel breakdown competition, traditional enterprises and emerging businesses continue to clash in the background of the industry downturn in the industry chain in trouble To seek breakthroughs in development, all kinds of transformation and transformation of the voice has become the main theme of 2017 TV owners, and OLED is like the most dazzling star in the night sky, for the change in the direction of the TV industry.
OLED TV market experienced the worst in the third quarter OLED contrarian rose
According to Orville cloud (AVC) released "2017Q3 China color TV market report" shows that from January to September this year, China's color TV market all the way to sink, the overall volume of sales fell 9.2 percentage points year on year. Especially in the third quarter, the scale of retail sales of color television sets was only 10.41 million units, down 12.9% from the same period of previous year. Even Albatron Cloud Network used the phrase "the worst third quarter" in describing the history of China's color TV sets "The word, we can see the industry anxiety over the result. Although this situation with the National Day, Double 11, Double 12 and other promotional nodes frequent change, to achieve growth, but the industry has become imminent change, to find the next "breakthrough" has become the consensus of many TV manufacturers.
In fact, the careful person is not difficult to find, just as China's overall TV market experienced "roller coaster" -like development at the same time, OLED TV has drawn a beautiful rise line. Also from AoWei cloud data show that from January to October 2017, OLED TV retail volume every month to maintain rapid growth, year-on-year growth rate of more than 100% of the month there are seven, of which more in October is the year-on-year growth Reached 239%. In addition, only during the National Day Golden Week, OLED TV sales volume increased by 145% year-on-year, compared to the overall market downturn, OLED contrarian growth attracted much attention; Suning data further shows that in the November 3 Super Color TV Class day, OLED TV sales abrupt growth of 509%, in late 2017, OLED continued to maintain a hot trend.
All firewood high flame chain all parties to promote the full mainstream OLED
In fact, OLED has such a surprising performance has foreshadowed. At the beginning of 2016, there were only 5 OLED TV manufacturers in the world; and by 2017, 13 TV manufacturers in the world have launched OLED TVs and are still showing an ever-expanding trend. Only in the Chinese market, there are Skyworth, Konka, Changhong, LG Electronics, Sony, Philips 6 famous TV brands common force OLED TV.
In addition, the emerging high-end innovative products, but also to OLED TV stand out in the TV market, leaving the OLED camp has maintained sufficient confidence. When the market is still in the "music competition", the panel is only 2.57mm OLED wallpaper television so that the clamor instantly dumbfounded; when the quality is still plagued LCD TV manufacturers, OLED has been more excellent quality Based on the development of the screen spontaneously. It can be said that, as a display industry "breakthrough", OLED deserved.
It is also to see the advantages of OLED and a bright future, all parties in the industrial chain have begun to seek further cooperation with the OLED camp. In Suning, Gome and other home appliances stores, OLED TV has already begun to occupy the best place to show. An average of two months once the appliance sales, the major channel also set aside for the OLED TV products Nai Li plenty of space. According to the relevant person in charge of home appliance stores revealed that OLED TV industry chain for all parties have created tremendous value, but also more in line with the needs of the future shows that consumers are very concerned about the very high TV products, it is also more favored by the channel.
It is in the manufacturers, channel operators, upstream panel makers, as well as industry associations and other industrial chain parties to jointly promote, OLED finally ushered in a full-fledged in 2017.
Of course, while maintaining strong momentum and high degree of attention, OLED technology is also more mature. Following the 2015 special evaluation for OLED TVs, DisplayMate, a professional media display operated by the United States Display Panel, has recently conducted a horizontal and vertical comparison of the latest OLED TVs. The results show that, whether it is compared to last year's OLED TV, or with the latest LCD TV for comparison, equipped with the latest technology OLED TV products are even more excellent. In the overall review, DisplayMate wrote "The near-perfect image quality of the newest LG OLED TV in 2017 has broken the record of multiple TV displays, and the brand-new LG OLED TV maintains the highest level of ever-tested TV Color accuracy, brightness accuracy, contrast and perfect black. "In addition, DisplayMate website also specifically mentioned the new OLED TV's viewing angle, response speed and reflectance and other contrast results, the same amazing. To be sure, already mature OLED, is constantly improving themselves and accelerate the pace of universal.

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