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Company News >> [End of the year inventory] 2017 shows the industry's top ten black technology
During the year of 2017, there was an endless stream of new products showing up in the industry, people can not help but dazzled. These new products, whether they have been formed into products that are actually used or are currently only available in the lab, show us a lot of surprises this year in the industry. Now, please follow the OFweek display network Xiaobian, take a look at 2017 these stunning black technology.
Flexible display
Mentioned flexible display, we may first response is the OLED screen, yes, this year, OLED is also a great light, the use of the scene is also very much. This year can also be said to be a year of flexible display outbreak, the domestic BOE, Pegasus, Viginox have all invested heavily in research and development, all want to enter the field of this future display.
Flexible display screen can be applied to many aspects, such as mobile phones, television, outdoor advertising and special equipment among them. Due to the flexible display, this screen can be bent freely without any shape, which provides a new idea for many product designs.
In particular, the full screen this year, the outbreak of flexible display is hot, almost all of the full screen mobile phones have adopted the OLED display panel, and only this flexible display screen can be well configured full screen. In particular, the current OLED display also has self-luminous, high contrast, beautiful display characteristics, but also the industry's most promising one of the future screen.
Micro LED
Although the LED has gradually moved downhill, but the Micro LED has found a new way in the glory of the older generation. The so-called Micro LED is actually the LED after the miniaturization of the array, which means that each pixel is miniaturized LED unit. LED chip mm level can be reduced to the micron level.
Micro LEDs and OLEDs are self-luminous, but Micro LEDs are more efficient and more energy-efficient, consuming about 50% less energy than OLEDs. Lifetimes, Micro LEDs as an inorganic solution are inherently more durable than OLED-based organic solutions. And Micro LED can be seamlessly stitched, you can adapt to a variety of size and shape requirements.
Currently there is no real mature Micro LED above the market, but its huge prospects, everyone can see, at present the world, including China, are actively involved in the development of Micro LED. Relevant agencies predict that in 5 years, Micro LED market will reach 40 billion US dollars.
3D smart Hyun screen
Believe that before a little understanding of the companion, have seen such a message, a guy from abroad upload a paragraph on the Chinese cool "electric fan" video, the naked eye 3D effect attracted foreign users have amazing , And in the country also has CCTV news, Global News competing coverage, video hits abroad more than 20 million.
It looks like an electric fan, but the "fan" is lined with small led bulbs that appear as continuous 3D images in the area swept by the "blades," suspended in the air without obstructing the physical space! In fact, this "fan" in the end is what magical technology, in fact, this is not what "Chinese fans", his professional name is called: holographic 3D smart Hyun screen.
Its principle is actually very simple: once the power is turned on, the blade begins to rotate, and the LED light mounted on the blade will shine. And we can see the reason why 3D floating images projected on the leaves are mainly due to the persistence of human visual acuity (POV) phenomenon. Because there is no border, there is no fixed screen, animation looks like floating in the air, very realistic. At present, mainly used in the street store advertising display, is definitely a big tool to attract customer traffic.

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