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Company News >> Smart phones detonated MLCC market firms continue to appear daily limit
MLCC out of stock prices so far has been going on for more than a year, however, for now, the market has not yet stopped. According to Mobile News Online learned that, as early as two months ago, Samsung Motor had said that more than 40 domestic customers come to the door, especially some ODM / OEM manufacturers even double the price twice, but still can not guarantee supply .
Last month, the domestic MLCC leader Fenghua Hi-Tech has announced price adjustment, 0201,0402,0603 and other mainstream models full price increase of 5% -30%. The industry believes that MLCC product prices continued to rise mainly due to supply and demand imbalances and the impact of raw material prices of palladium metal. Taken together, the market outlook MLCC new capacity is still unable to meet the strong demand, prices are expected to continue until the second quarter of next year, MLCC manufacturers will continue to enjoy the dividend.
Benefit from the MLCC out of stock prices, Taiwanese manufacturers Giant, Walsin Branch, Wo Shintang revenue soar this year, especially since August even more so; the same time, its share price also rose sharply, according to Mobile Online statistics Into 2017 Up to now, the country's giant shares rose nearly 5 times, Huaxin Branch and Wo Fat Hall share price rose more than 2 times! According to mobile newspaper online observation, to benefit from the market price of lack of goods driven December 18, the giant, the new branch, Wo Shintang three stocks have a daily limit, and on the 20th, Wo Shintang shares limit again!
Part of the MLCC out of stock prices to the end of next year, the country giant / Walsin shares / Wo Shintang stock hurricane 5/2/2 times
According to mobile newspaper online observation, to benefit from the MLCC out of stock led the market price hikes led the stock market soared Hurricane. On December 18, the giant giant once attacked and climbed a new high. The new branch of Huaxin Chong continued to hit a high band of 17 years and reached a 16-year high.
According to the inquiry, the G-King opened higher this week, once the intraday trading hit 339.5 yuan limit, a record high since the listing, then high-end finishing, came to 337 yuan, rose 9%. Huaxinke disk also rushed to limit 112 yuan, continued to hit the band high for more than 17 years. Wo Shengtang momentum today is also darling, Ben rose to stay locked 96.8 yuan, the highest band since mid-December 2001.
As MLCC market continues to be out of stock, according to market expectations, MLCC out of stock situation is at least possible until the end of next year, some MLCC out of stock may continue until the end of next year. MLCC out of stock led the market price rise, the country giant in December a series of low-capacitance multilayer ceramic capacitors (NPO MLCC) to extend delivery and raise prices, delivery extended to 6 months, the price increase of about 20% To 30% or even higher.

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