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Company News >> BenQ high-end monitor measured: quality touching
Just yesterday, we released the annual Hengping evaluation of 2017 gaming monitors, a total collection of five first-line brand of high-end gaming monitors.
In the Hengping process, we actually found a lot of unexpected things, we edit themselves also have a deeper understanding of the products of the gaming monitor in this circle, especially in this piece of screen, although the manufacturers have stated The same parameters, "144Hz, 1ms, 2K" these words I believe we are familiar.
However, I do not know do not know, a test only found that the difference is big gone.
First of all, here to say the public's myth: "Since the gaming screen is a TN screen, the screen quality is certainly not going well, but at least it did not affect my game ah."
I started this conclusion is also questionable, and then tested in so many screens after the game found that this sentence is really a myth! Also thought that the screen quality of the screen is almost no effect on the students you play the game, really should know more about this time Hengping one of the players BenQ cited a counterexample.
To be honest, in Hengping we found BenQ this pioneer gaming monitor actually score the lowest quality screen part of the score, especially the burst value of gamma is far more than we expected.
This is inconsistent with the original idea, this time we once again analyze to see one of the Hengping players BenQ ZOWIE GEAR XL2730 game experience in the end where lost.
Preface: The quality of various home appliances screen varies
We have mentioned in the Hengping inside, the reason why most of the current gaming screen are using TN screen instead of using better quality IPS screen is TN screen and IPS screen inside the liquid crystal molecules arranged not As the same, resulting in IPS screen internal liquid crystal molecules deflection than the TN screen more difficult, so TN screen is to ensure high refresh rate and low latency more economical choice.
Then many people think that we often say that the quality of the screen to play the game we have no effect, I would like to say anyhow, gaming screen is a screen, the human eye or the soul of the window yet.
If the good IPS screen has reached about 90 minutes, then the TN screen screen quality in the entire market may be distributed in a large area of ​​50 points -75 points, of course, I say that is not rigorous, but Want to buy a good quality TN screen is still to see the specific product to know.
Into the right topic: these test parameters have no effect on the game we play?
Dashboards from different vendors do not vary in quality, and in these test parameters, in the end we have no effect on the game?
The answer is yes. We look at our monitor evaluation may know more, we measure the screen quality is divided into most of these several: color gamut, hue response, brightness contrast, screen uniformity and color accuracy.
What are the effects of these parameters on the game we play? Simply put, the color gamut, color is not much influence, especially FPS, the color requirements are more stringent.
Hue response reflects the actual output image on the screen distortion of the input signal, the smaller the distortion, the smaller the gamma, of course, the better, and the greater the gamma value indicates that the brightness of the screen output brightness with the input signal, the greater the difference, The most intuitive is that light and dark parts of the performance will be very difficult.
The maximum brightness and maximum contrast reflect the maximum, as long as the pass line is basically no problem; as long as the screen is not too out of line, the game will not cause much impact.
In the horizontal evaluation of the gamma value we gave a BenQ ZOWIE GEAR XL2730 failed scores, 1.2 gamma value is far from the 2.2 standard deviation is a bit ridiculous, and this is the worst deviation of the test I have tested It's
At first, we thought the problem of testing instruments or errors was too big. Then we conducted two tests again and tested the other monitors with a tester, which ruled out the possibility of instrument failure.

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