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Company News >> 07 large-size global TFT LCD panel shipments large inventory 31th,Mar,2017
                                      DisplaySearch Taipei Office, January 23, 2008? According to DisplaySearch latest 2007 global large-size TFT LCD panel shipments statistics pointed out that in 2007 the global large size (10 "or more) TFT LCD panel shipments of three Billions of dollars, compared with last year's 284 million shipments grew by 40% in the three major applications Notebook PC, LCD Monitor and LCD TV part, 2007 LCD panel shipments Up to 314 million, compared with last year grew 31%, Notebook PC panel shipments reached 114 million, 43% growth over last year; LCD TV panel shipments of eight thousand Six million, up 58% from last year, from the amount of shipping point of view, the size of large-size TFT LCD shipments in 2007 reached 72.7 billion US dollars, up 40% over last year from the shipping area, Size TFT LCD shipments of 54.4 million square meters, of which LCD TV panel shipments accounted for 50% of the proportion of shipments.
                              AUO (AU Optronics) to 80 million shipments in 2007 to become large-size panel shipments champion, and Chi Mei Electronics was the first seven panel factory in the annual shipments The highest growth rate, the number of shipments growth rate of 53%. In particular, Samsung ranked first in liquid crystal display panel shipments, Notebook PC panel shipments ranked second, AUO LCD TV panel shipments ranked first, LCD Monitor panel shipments ranked second, Notebook PC panel shipments ranked third; LPL (LG) in Notebook PC panel shipments ranked first, LCD TV panel shipments ranked second.
                              According to the shipments of the number of manufacturers ranked part of the Samsung to $ 16.7 billion in shipping volume to become the 2007 shipment amount champion, LPL to $ 14.9 billion in shipping the amount to follow in the third , The fourth and fifth manufacturers were AUO, CMO, and Sharp, the top five shipments shipments accounted for 82% of the overall.
                              From the shipping area, 2007 global large-size TFT LCD shipments of 54.4 million square meters, LCD Monitor, Notebook PC and LCD TV panels accounted for the proportion of shipments were 14%, 35% And 50%, the top five manufacturers (Samsung, LPL, AUO, CMO, Sharp) accounted for shipments accounted for 82% market share. Among them, Samsung 2007 global large-size TFT LCD panel shipments area champion, the shipments of its market share of 22%, LPL to ship area market share of 21%, while the third was AUO 20%.

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