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Company News >> OLED full screen under the brand into a key resource for competition
The "2017 International Handset Industry Leaders Summit" organized by Sun Big Data has just concluded, and Full Screen became one of the hot topics of the show. Major manufacturers attach importance to and actively invest in full screen mobile phone development, according to the sun big data is expected in 2017 full mobile penetration will reach 7.98%, shipments are expected to more than 120 million and by 2020 the full screen mobile penetration will reach 52% . By 2018 penetration reached 30%, the full screen will be fully exploded.
The full screen of the outbreak, the most direct impact is the panel demand has improved significantly. In the same size of the phone, 18: 9 screen ratio compared to 16: 9 program, the screen size will increase about 10%. The demand for the panel also increased with the proportion. For full screen, OLED has the characteristics of self-luminous, large viewing angle, high contrast, short response time and good seismic performance, especially for flexible OLEDs and flexible OLEDs, which is more conducive to shaped cutting and narrow bezel design , So OLED has more advantages than LCD, becoming the mainstream of current flagship mobile phone configuration, becoming the focus of the major mobile phone manufacturers are sought after.
At present, most of the OLED production capacity is at Samsung SDC. Samsung SDC took over 60 million OLED panel orders at the end of 16, and in February 17, Samsung signed an order with Apple for a total value of 4.35 billion USD for a total of 100 million OLED panels. Samsung SDC shipments in China in 2015 was 50KK, is expected to reach 95KK by 2017, SDC supply increased by 2018, is expected to reach 130KK. Samsung's main production capacity has been accounted for by Samsung and Apple, the domestic brands have also invested in full-screen research and development, at present, the domestic brands Huawei, oppo, vivo, millet, ZTE have launched a full screen mobile phone to 2018 Year, full-screen penetration is expected to reach 30%, the flagship models of the brand's flagship models will use the OLED screen, OLED resources become more scarce, OLED will become the key resources of the brand battle.
OLED production capacity, a serious constraint on the development of a full screen, the brand you want to use OLED screen, in addition to waiting for Samsung's production capacity, but also rely on the domestic panel makers in the field of OLED breakthroughs. Domestic panel makers BOE, SinoVision, Huaxing Optoelectronics, and Fai photoelectric, Pegasus, Sunley and other layout of the layout of the OLED production line, is expected to 2018, 2019 will be mass production, OLED shortages by the time the situation can be eased, Full screen mobile phone OLED will be further enhanced.
Small and medium-sized OLED market this year will be dominated by Samsung, and by 2018, the strength of the OLED market players will increase rapidly. Although supply will increase next year, it will take time to ramp up production capacity and will not be mass-market. It is estimated that production capacity will increase dramatically in 2019 and 2020. In order to win the war in full screen, each mobile terminal brand must first solve the supply problem of OLED.

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