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Company News >> Fen technology fund-raising 1.3 billion to build sophisticated structures base grab back cover market
Acceleration of capital operation in the mobile phone supply chain has become the norm. In recent years, capital has an unprecedented level of activity in the supply chain of mobile phones, and this trend is still continuing to spread. The reasons for this status quo generally show that there are two aspects: First, the relatively mature areas need capital expansion and competitiveness; Second, the relative cutting-edge industries are more in need of capital to promote. From the perspective of the entire mobile phone industry, it has entered an era of double-driven capital and technology. Driven by the two, the polarization of the market industry is bound to accelerate.
This point in the structure of the precision parts market even more serious, from the past two years, the precision structural parts market acquisitions continue to occur, as early as the beginning of this year, the Fen Technology acquisition Fu Cheng Da, Op band, in one fell swoop as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, vivo suppliers; However, from the stock market point of view, Fen Technology shares did not appear so sharp rise, but several announcements this year called for employee holdings! Not only this year acquired Fu Cheng reached a challenge, at the same time Fen Technology also issued a public notice called for employee value. Recently, fentech announced once again that the company raised 1.3 billion in capital, will expand the production capacity of precision structural parts!
Fen technology fund-raising 1.3 billion construction of precision structural parts base 2895000000 acquisition of Fu Chengda has been questioned
As early as March 29 evening, according to Fen Technology announced that it intends to issue shares and pay cash, a total of 2.89 billion yuan acquisition of sophisticated metal structure manufacturer Shenzhen Fu Cheng Technology Co., Ltd. 100% stake. The latter is Apple, Huawei suppliers, Fen-technology itself has a precision metal structure business, the move is undoubtedly to strengthen the layout in this area, but also one fell swoop into Apple and Huawei's supply chain!
Time back to 2014, Fen Da Technology to 1118 million acquisition of 100% stake in Oppen, of which 838.5 million yuan for the issue of shares, cash was 279.5 million yuan. It is also through this acquisition, it was Fen technology into one fell swoop in precision structural parts industry. The Samsung, OPPO and vivo are all friends of the EU customers!
According to Fidelity's official website, the company's consumer electronics businesses, including mobile phones, mainly include mobile phone structural parts, cell phone appearance parts, stainless steel mobile phone frames, titanium alloy phone bracket, SIM card support, cell phone keys, IO bracket, volume bracket key , Smart watches (chassis, shell, shrapnel, etc.) and computer parts and other communications hardware!
According to statistics, Fu Cheng Da is engaged in the global 3C (computer, communications, consumer electronics), automotive and military industries precision components technology development and manufacturing of high-tech enterprises. The company has authorized 20 patents (including 2 invention patents) and has become an enterprise supplier to Apple, Huawei, Intel, Google, HP, Flextronics, Jabil, Foxconn, Southco, JGP, HTC and AVC.
According to the inquiry, Topstar reached a revenue of RMB747 million in 2016, of which sales to Apple and its designated electronics manufacturing services amounted to RMB667 million and net profit of RMB145 million. Fu Cheng Da promised that in 2017, 2018 and 2018 The amount of non-net profit deducted in 2019 shall not be less than 200 million yuan, 260 million yuan and 350 million yuan respectively, with a total of not less than 810 million yuan in three years.
And on the evening of December 15, FenDa Technology announced again that the company intends to issue convertible bonds to raise funds to raise the total amount of not more than 1.3 billion yuan, will be used for precision structural parts production base construction projects, Fen Technology Research Institute Preparation project.
According to the announcement, if the actual offering proceeds after deducting issuance expenses are less than the total proceeds to be raised as mentioned above, the Company will adjust and finally decide to raise the net amount of funds raised according to the priorities of the projects according to the priorities of the projects. The priority of capital investment, the specific investment amount of each project and other usage arrangements, and the insufficient funds raised by the Company will be solved by self-financing by the Company. Prior to the issuance of the raised funds, the Company will invest in the self-raised funds according to the actual progress of the project and replace them in accordance with the procedures stipulated in the relevant laws and regulations after the funds are raised.
In terms of revenue from FenDa Technology in 2016, its revenue in 2016 was 2.104 billion yuan, an increase of 21.98% over the same period of the previous year with a net profit of 385 million yuan, an increase of 31.33% over the same period of last year. The sales revenue of the top five customers was 1.023 billion yuan, Total revenue 48.68%.
According to the division of products, Fentech electro-acoustic products revenue was 721000000 yuan, accounting for 34.30%, an increase of 33.09%, its gross profit margin was 23.84%, an increase of 5.27%; healthy electrical appliances revenue of 513 million yuan , Accounting for 24.39%, representing a year-on-year decrease of 7.62% and a gross profit margin of 33.11%, representing an increase of 2.58% over the same period of last year. Revenue of the metal appearance parts of mobile smart terminals was 672 million yuan, accounting for 31.99%, up 21.14% 34.96%, but a year-on-year decrease of 5.17%.

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