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Company News >> AMOLED launched the domestic project flexible screen flexible next few years will become the mainstream
OLED as the next generation of display technology has shown a strong competitive edge, especially its bendable, collapsible features for morphological applications of electronic products has brought greater room for innovation. Although the market for small and medium-sized OLEDs is dominated by Samsung, the 6-generation production lines that have been put into production or under construction include the BOE Chengdu and Mianyang production lines and the Fluoro Shanghai and Nanjing production lines in the layout of small and medium-size OLEDs in mainland China. Kunshan Gu Xian solid line, Shanghai Tianma and Huaxing Power production lines will be gradually heavy volume, the domestic OLED industry is expected to achieve corner overtaking.
Mainland China has become the world's largest investment AMOLED area
Data show that from 2016, the global OLED new line investment reached 315.5 billion yuan, of which 256.6 billion yuan investment in mainland China, becoming the world's largest AMOLED investment area. At present, the output and output of OLED in the world are maintaining a rapid growth. Output is expected to increase by 50% in 2018 and output value by 60% in 2018. Samsung's smart phone OLED screen will reach 25 billion U.S. dollars in 2017, while Samsung accounts for 95% + of the market, which is basically Samsung exclusive.
Of course, all the other manufacturers, especially those from mainland China, are not far behind. In October of this year, the 6th generation flexible AMOLED production line of BOE in Chengdu has mass-produced and broke the monopoly of foreign countries. The construction of new production lines of Huaxing Power, Tianma, Visionox, and Hui Guangdian are also steadily progressing. Will further promote China's OLED industrial applications. At the same time, with the strong support of the government, China has shown some breakthroughs in the upstream industry chain of its industry. China shows that the industry is enjoying an unprecedented favorable situation.
At the same time, OLED has also become the focus of the industry, in particular, iPhone x smart phones with OLED screen will further promote the industrialization of OLED technology applications. With the development of more advanced manufacturing equipment and materials engineering technology, the application of bendable, foldable and curved display in electronic products is further promoted. In the future, OLED display technology will be widely applied to smart phones, VR, wearable devices, televisions, Tablet PC, smart car, the overall market prospects.
AMOLED mature application still has four major problems
Currently, AMOLED is still in the early stages of industrialization, there are many problems to be solved, mainly in the following areas:
First, AMOLED backplane technology is not yet mature technology;
Second, AMOLED display pixels to achieve the choice of technology route;
Third, AMOLED filmmaking process options;
Fourth, the above three aspects, AMOLED costs are still high.
Overall, the field of OLED or Samsung dominance, and the most advantage in mass production technology, but in the upstream materials and equipment supply, as well as technical process, there is still some room for growth. Mainland China on the basis of the original display technology, especially in the past decade display in the field of R & D investment, coupled with a huge application market, the future of flexible OLED production technology has certain advantages, overtaking corners will not without may.

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