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Company News >> Hong Kong takes the lead in developing OLED luminescent materials is expected to break Europe and the United States patent monopoly
Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) are crucial for industries related to displays, televisions and cellphone screens.
At present, most of the OLEDs use Iridium chemical complexes as luminescent materials, accounting for more than 90% of the market. The patents are mainly monopolized by the United States, Europe and other countries, which often results in high patent fees for the manufacturers.
Based on the co-ordination of the University of Hong Kong and the interdisciplinary team of five local universities, it has successfully made breakthroughs in the past five years, including the conversion of gold and platinum compounds to luminescent materials, research and development of innovative display technologies and components, knowledge of "Hong Kong-made products" Independent property rights and patented technologies provide solutions for the commercialization of related products.
OLED is self-luminous, wide viewing angle, fast response time, high efficiency, power saving, high brightness, very thin and so on, can be widely used in display, TV, mobile phone screen and even the future "electronic paper" and other display products, Concerned about the technology, but at the industry level, but in the face of iridium compound monopoly and other issues, affecting costs.
In the past 5 years, the team has been supported by the theme research program of the RGC for the past five years. In the OLED Display and photovoltaic cells and other technical areas made a number of important achievements, also published as many as 260 articles of high impact academic.
Among them, Yong-Hua Ren team focused on research and development to three gold (Au (III)) compounds as raw materials, the world's first successful at room temperature luminous, another cross-team team also developed experts to platinum as OLED raw materials, and large- Break through the existing restrictions and integrate the new technology of "Hong Kong-made" OLED display knowledge of the patent, have the opportunity to change the ecology of the existing huge market.
The strategy of promoting interdisciplinary research through cross-discipline research projects is Hong Kong's leading macroeconomic event. It has created a world-class technology for Hong Kong and created new opportunities for the transfer of knowledge and technology to local, Mainland and international industrial partners and further downstream R & D and commercialization activities.

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