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Company News >> Samsung to abandon the curved surface television QLED technology
Samsung, an absolute leader in OLED screens, has had to go faster with technology updates if it wants to stay ahead of the curve, and Samsung, which once seemed to be the pushback maker of curved TVs, seems to be no longer here.
According to South Korean media reports, Samsung's current focus is mainly on the development of QLED screen, which has been much sought after by their curved TV, is not the main direction of its efforts, according to the plan in 2018 Samsung will actively promote QLED and large size products Instead of curved TV.
The report mentioned that Samsung is well aware of the next generation of television competition, not the form, such as surface, etc., in the final analysis is still technical, and QLED is the next generation of display technology. Although the surface of the TV is expensive, but its technology does not fundamentally change, can only be said that stage products.
The biggest advantage of QLED quantum dot technology is the self-illumination technology that does not require extra light sources, the picture detail is better than the OLED, regardless of bright or dark scenes, the backlight is on in most cases.

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