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Company News >> Rainbow Group: to do with high-end intellectual property cover glass
Recently, Li Junhong, deputy general manager of Rainbow Group, made a keynote speech on "high-strength and ultra-thin glass applications." He separately from the company glass process, ion exchange principle, product characteristics and measured results of several aspects of the professional description, and highlights its superiority of an ultra-high strength lithium-aluminosilicate glass.
Speaking of the status quo of the development of the domestic industry, Li Junhong point out a pain point, he said, bring the cover glass, or bring high-performance, high-end cover glass, we first response is the Corning company in the United States. In response, Li Junhong mentioned, for high-performance, high-end cover glass, there is no enterprise in China can do? The answer is yes, he said, Rainbow Group and its strategic partners can do.
In fact, from the end of 2015 overflow law cover glass in the birth of the rainbow, after more than 10 years of accumulated experience, Rainbow has a total of nearly 300 patents in this regard. According to Li Junhong introduction, it is based on this accumulation, they can do the highest performance, the most high-end domestic cover glass.
According to Li Junhong introduction, in the glass process, and the CSG Group mainly uses the float method is different, rainbow is the overflow method. Its main advantage is that gravity molding, glass surface smooth, uniform thickness, higher intensity, without profile and so on.
In addition to the advantages of the process, the rainbow also has its own advantages in the ion exchange process of strengthening the working principle of the glass. Different from the ordinary ion exchange method, the rainbow introduces a larger network of glass skeletons, and the ion exchange time is only about 1/3; In addition, the introduction of Li and Na in the glass makes multiple ion exchange, resulting in super high surface compressive stress and ion exchange depth. In addition, the use of unique ion sieve ceramic adsorbent ion exchange of waste ions to ensure the strength and size of tempered glass consistent quality .
It is based on the mature flow of France and the unique process of ion exchange technology and other advanced technology, Rainbow Group and Shenzhen Toray Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a super-high strength lithium aluminosilicate glass - GL KAILLY? 6 ( Kelly 6 glass).
This is a fully independent intellectual property rights of ultra-high-strength lithium aluminosilicate glass, according to Li Junhong introduced to the original "Kelly" method of ion exchange enhancement technology, its ultra-high integrated strength of the previous generation of high-aluminum silicon Glass 3 times, in addition, its bending resistance than high-alumina soda glass more than 20%, so that mobile phone cover glass fragile, easy to damage the problem can be effectively resolved. Overall, the performance of this product reached the international advanced level.
This also can understand Li Junhong said, Chinese enterprises can make high-performance, high-end cover glass origin. It is not hard to predict that in the future, the field of mobile phone glass will usher in a redefinition of the new market order, while "China Creation" will also inject a steady stream of competitiveness into the development of China's electronics brand terminals and the upstream industry chain Strong motivation.

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