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Company News >> Face recognition & screen fingerprint in the end who is Apple's future?
Since this year a full screen popular, the discussion on the way of unlocking the cell phone on an endless stream. Many manufacturers have speculation before Apple's new machine identification program, in order to explore the market trend of development. But the announcement of Apple's new iPhone ix confused the market as it unveiled a new single biometric, the FACE ID. As a result, the FACE ID and fingerprint tug of war began.
Apple Face Recognition Suppliers Expand Android Manufacturers Turn
FACE ID is another way of recognizing the full screen. Many manufacturers have subsequently released new machines with face recognition. However, due to the immaturity of technology, Apple is still far from the confidence of Apple in adopting a single recognition method. Therefore, , Many manufacturers are face recognition plus fingerprint recognition combined, or also added iris recognition, thus enabling a variety of biometric identification coexist. In this way, it seems that face recognition is only an auxiliary role, in addition to being a novel selling point, the effect is not that big.
Apple's Face ID and Android mobile phone equipped with face recognition difference is that, Face ID is based on three-dimensional imaging of image recognition technology, which requires a specific active light irradiation system and a dedicated camera to cooperate with the acquisition of data to create an avatar 3D Modeling, the model will be stored in the phone, and then every facial recognition will be compared with the degree of coincidence to a certain extent will be issued to identify the correct signal to complete the task of individual distinction.
Face ID uses 3D imaging based image recognition technology, which has higher security than conventional two-dimensional image recognition. Meanwhile, in order to enhance the security of Face ID, Apple also added a series of measures to improve the algorithm. Therefore, Apple's Face ID can reach 1 / 1,000,000 with respect to Touch ID 1 / 50,000 in terms of recognition probability.
Currently, in the global handset market, there are only Apple Inc. vendors that launch 3D facial recognition. Industry analysts predict that Apple will provide face recognition in all handsets next year, and according to recent Apple supplier latest news, the possibility is very big.
Recently, a supplier of Apple announced the acquisition of a new factory to increase the production of face recognition components. Data show that in Apple's three-dimensional identification sensor module, including a US supplier Finisar, the company provided to Apple's surface-emitting laser components, is the second largest supplier of such components. Finisar Corporation recently announced that it will acquire a 65,000 square meters area of ​​the plant to expand production capacity of spare parts.

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