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Company News >> Not easy to fly, OPPO metal chassis supplier Chunxing Seiko 4.7 million project moved to Huizhou
Recently, Chunxing Seiko Co., Ltd., which is currently engaged in painstaking business operations, released the "Announcement on Changing the Subject of Implementation of Part of Investment Projects for Raising Funds and Implementation Sites", which shows that Chunghsing Seiko intends to "create 4.7 million new precision interconnection devices Production project "from the implementation of the main changes from Changshu Chun Hing, a wholly owned subsidiary of Huizhou Chun Hing; implementation location by: Changshu Chun Hing Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, Shanghu Town Wengjiazhuang Industrial Park, the new purchase of land changed to Huizhou Chun Hing located Huizhou Boluo Longxi Town Court Village Ninth Group Turtle Lake industrial zone.
Huizhou Chun Hing was established on January 29, 2016, the 120 million purchase of Huizhou Anton Metal & Plastic Electronics Co., Ltd., with 120,000 square meters of land, as well as the current plant and environmental protection qualifications, is positioned as Chun Hing Seiko radiation Pearl River Delta region's production base.
Chunxing Seiko's "Newly-built annual output of 4.5 million pieces of smart interconnection equipment, precision structural parts production project" plans to invest 280 million yuan, as of December 4, 2017, the actual investment of 79 million yuan. The project will include an annual output of 700,000 pieces of smart phone aluminum alloy structural parts, 500,000 pieces of smart phone aluminum die-casting structural parts, 900,000 pieces of smart phone aluminum alloy precision stamping structural parts, magnesium alloy for notebook computers 1.1 million pieces of precision die-cast exterior parts and 1.5 million pieces of magnesium alloy precision die-cast products for smart interconnection equipment. It adopts die-casting, one-piece molding and stamping technology to manufacture smart phones with high permeability for metal appearance parts and ultra- The very representative of the thin and light laptop market.
Chunxing Seiko pointed out in the project risk alert that if the major customers such as Huawei, Nokia, Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, Lenovo, Samsung, Hewlett-Packard, LG, OPPO and Meizu have major adverse changes in the production and operation of major customers, Significant changes in purchasing strategy or company's inability to meet key customer needs in product development, product quality control, price and lead times will result in the cancellation, reduction or delay of orders from major customers, which in turn will adversely affect the company's operating results influences.
Chunxing Seiko said that the Spring Seiko implementation of the project by the implementation of the main changes from Changchun Chun Hing Chun Hing, the reason for the whole:
Huizhou is located in the economically developed Pearl River Delta region where the consumer electronics industry chain is mature. The customers are concentrated and the upstream and downstream industry chains are well-matched. The implementation body of the "Newly-built 4.7 million production projects of annual smart interconnection equipment precision structures" was changed to Chun Hing, Huizhou, Implementation of the site changed to Huizhou, the company's consumer electronics business capacity layout important measure. Upon completion of the change, the Company will have closer contact with major customers and potential customers downstream of consumer electronics. The Company will be able to better serve its core customers and win more market share through closer production and R & D facilities to its customers. In addition, In the consumer electronics industry chain supporting the maturity of the region, is conducive to the company to attract more relevant personnel in the industry, optimize the production process and improve production efficiency; while reducing the transport radius and reduce transportation costs.
Guangdong Province is currently the world's largest smart phone production base. Nearly 40% to 40% of the smartphones in the world are made here. Huawei, OPPO, VIVO, Jinli and other brands have the highest shipments in China. A large number of ODM manufacturers have a huge capacity concentrated in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou three, basically formed a Shenzhen R & D, Huizhou matching, Dongguan assembly of the three division of labor coordination.
Chun Hing Seiko is currently focusing on the smart phone business, from 5G features, to 2.5,3 D cover glass, and then to the metal chassis are heavily in the layout. However, regardless of the industry is 2.5,3 D cover glass or metal chassis business, there is a for the money, two for the dead, three for the trend of Jianpou, and most of the industry supply chain gathered in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou Three places, industrial environment advantage is difficult to replace elsewhere.
In the industry to upgrade automatically, the product structure design differences between the non-standardized, the nearest supplier of the situation, such as conversion, Spring Seiko originally wanted to rely on Changshu Chun Hing to implement the "New Year with an annual output of precision equipment, intelligent interconnection equipment 4.7 million production projects ", Taking into account the traditional notebook and smart phone market ideas are not mature enough. And with Huawei, millet began to think of smart phones to produce lightweight notebooks, perhaps Chunxing Seiko metal case moved to Huizhou, is the real take into account the two markets.

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