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Company News >> Apple want to "go to Samsung" Taiwan plant to win over LG OLED production capacity
Apple storm OLED, to find the transport, Fan Xuan and other Taiwan plant to assist in the Apple Longtan plant to launch a coveted research and development program, provided by the transport of the world only three industry can supply OLED key material precision metal shield (FMM) Shot repair machine and clean room equipment, by working closely with Taiwan manufacturers, to "go Samsung."
In this regard, up to Yun speech system, said customers have signed a confidentiality agreement, inconvenient to explain; Fan declared to be no comment response. The industry believes that the materials and equipment are the key to Apple's steady product production. If the progress is smooth, up to Yun and Fan will become the mass production partners of Apple, not only the performance of the two companies will be magnified but also the development of equipment in Taiwan Material an important milestone.
The industry pointed out that the next two to three years, Apple's new iPhone will carry the OLED panel, but the current iPhone OLED exclusive supplier from Samsung, Samsung and grasp the world's two major FMM suppliers Japan printing and letterpress source, Apple is "going to Samsung," actively supporting the LG Display (LGD) industry, as the second supplier of OLED.
Sources disclosed that at present the industry generally expected, LGD next year is expected to successfully eat iPhone OLED orders, but due to Japan's FMM printing and letterpress printing materials are Samsung's control, so Apple in Taiwan to find the world's third capable of research and development production FMM material up to transport, hope that by up with the LGD with, so that the second iPhone suppliers next year, supply of goods available to reduce the threat of Samsung's exclusive supplier.
It is reported that Apple reason to find up to transport, in addition to up to transport is the world's third capable of research and development and production of FMM materials industry, Apple Longtan factory mainly engaged in advanced display technology research and development work, most employees from AU Optronics, a group such as Taiwan Panel factory, but also the largest number of AUO. AUO BenQ AUO Group, its FMM products have been sent to AUO, up to transport technology and AUO out of the same group of origin, access to Apple's Longtan plant high-level favor.
Fan declared in the OLED process, its own brand of self-developed PI laser repair machine, OLED panel makers in mainland China has become the number one machine equipment, belong to the Samsung equipment lineup; In addition, Fan declared Deputy DuPont , Dow Chemical OLED manufacturers and other manufacturers, which was named Apple.
According to Bamboo Branch Bureau data, Apple's Longtan plant mainly undertakes the plant of the past high-pass optoelectronics and high-intensity optoelectronics. It was approved for entry into the district on November 11, 2014 and completed its registration on April 15, 2015. It is Apple's headquarters outside the United States. Following Japan, South Korea, the third overseas R & D center.
Previously the market came out, Apple Longtan plant suspended Micro LED development, downsizing the project staff. Analysts believe that R & D in Taiwan should come to an end and the relevant results should be transferred back to the United States for the next phase of development. Apple Longtan R & D pace of development has not stopped, just focus on OLED, and recently added a lot of machines and materials suppliers, Apple still maintain the usual low-key style.

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