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Company News >> IHS Markit je prikazan u 2018. godini i prikazan je u 2018. godini
The key conclusion
In 2018, the area of ​​panel demand is expected to increase by more than 7% and the production capacity will increase by about 10%. Although demand area growth is the highest since 2012 and capacity growth has also hit a new high, the annual excess supply rate will be higher than in 2017.
IHS Markit forecast panel demand will grow with the Winter Olympics and the FIFA World Cup.
The ultra-widescreen full-screen display panel is expected to dominate high-end smartphones in 2018 and to mid-range and low-end handsets after 2018.
Towards the end of this year, we review here the past year and begin to predict what will happen next year. This year's display industry experienced a difficult second half, due to inventory and purchasing adjustments. We expect to see a continued oversupply for next year mainly from new factories in China, but the strong growth in demand area is also foreseeable. Therefore, the reorganization of the old panel factory and the smooth climbing of the new factory will be affected Supply and demand key.
Supply and demand
2017: Due to the rescheduling of the panel factories and the closure of the old panel factory, capacity growth is limited and the demand for area increases by more than 5%. In the first half of 2017, TV makers purchased in large quantities, but did not meet the sales target, so the inventory still existed. Beginning in the second quarter, TV makers began to cut purchases, but panel suppliers are struggling to sell at lower prices than to reduce production. This has led to oversupply of TV panels and lower panel prices.
2018: Panel demand growth is expected to exceed 7%, while capacity growth is expected to be around 10%. The annual excess supply rate will be higher than in 2017. However, IHS Markit forecast panel supply and demand will increase, due to the first half of the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup and other sports events related to the advance promotion. On the other hand, 10.5 on behalf of the factory mass production may result in oversupply. The continued transformation and restructuring of the old panel plant and the smooth climbing of the new plant will be the key to supply and demand.
Dramatic TFT LCD production capacity strategy
2017: With the 8.5 generation capacity increase, corresponding to the increase of IT product glass investment, some panel suppliers are willing to transfer their IT capacity from generation 5 or generation 6 to generation 8.5. BOE added capacity for its 8.5-generation foundry for mobile PC and desktop computer display applications. Samsung Display, a 7-generation line factory that stopped its operations in late 2016, stopped its glass substrates investment in the so-called L6 plant in its second 5-generation plant in October. LG Display also stopped operating P2 and P4 plants this year.
2018: As the demand for large-size TV panels increases, production will be more on the 8.5, 8.6 and 10.5 generation generations. Many panel suppliers are investing in 6th generation AMOLEDs and are aggressively establishing new small and medium size OLED plants or converting LTPS LCD plants to AMOLED plants.

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