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Company News >> China independently developed OLED technology into the domestic and foreign industries
Organic light-emitting device technology (OLED) is a new generation of display technology, its excellent features make it the mainstream of international display technology, and has been in today's latest and most high-end mobile display terminal application is expected in 2017 will be market demand More than 25 billion U.S. dollars and by 2021 it is expected to exceed 40 billion U.S. dollars. Different from the development mode of "process driven" such as traditional semiconductor chips and LEDs, OLED technology relies on "material-driven" to a large extent. Among them, luminescent materials are the crown of OLED industry and the key to the development of OLED industry.
The tetradentate ligand-based platinum (II) complex developed by the 973 Project "Basic and Applied Research on Excited States of Metal Complexes" under the responsibility of Academician Zhi Zhiming of the University of Hong Kong is likely to replace the commercially available phosphorescent iridium (III) complexes Of the light-emitting system, has aroused great concern of academics and industry at home and abroad. A group of domestic and international enterprises led by international OLED giants Samsung Corporation and Guangdong Agria Optoelectronics Materials Co., Ltd. (Agria), a leading OLED material manufacturer in China, have applied for a branch professor's report on the tetradentate ligand platinum (II) complexes Related patents and implemented a series of cooperative research, involving a total amount of tens of millions of RMB, providing China's OLED industry much-needed materials intellectual property database. In addition, the project cooperated with companies such as Sunley Electronics Co., Ltd. to launch AMOLED's production line for mass production. In cooperation with Sichuan Provincial Government and Meishan City, the project set up Sichuan Zhiben Express Technology Innovation Research Institute to launch a new OLED luminescent material research and development, Accelerate the process of industrial application of materials.
In the development of its own intellectual property of metal complexes, luminescent materials, the team will be more long-term goal of the next generation of metal complexes luminescent materials. The project team developed highly efficient luminescent gold (III) complexes and cheap tungsten (VI) complexes is likely to become the next generation of the most competitive OLED luminescent materials.

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