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Company News >> How to measure LED outdoor display and outdoor LCD advertising market
Mentioned outdoor advertising machine, first of all we think of the first LED display. Yes, outdoor advertising market has always been the main outdoor LED display. In recent years, the development of LED outdoor advertising screen is not a new field so far. From the beginning of a vast market and profit margins, and now outdoor big screen vacancy rate, outdoor advertising media business difficulties. Caddy rich outdoor LCD advertising machine manufacturers to analyze the status of LED outdoor advertising display.
For example, LED outdoor advertising screen brightness is too high, people's city life with a lot of trouble; such as LED display for the viewing distance of certain requirements, if the close look at will produce dazzling feeling, and close view of the effect Also difficult to satisfy and so on. Remove the operation itself, there are still blind lights, dead lights and other conditions. Due to the maintenance of the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion does not occur, which also caused a lot of advertisers in the LED outdoor advertising when cast doubt.
The outdoor LCD advertising machine is relative to the indoor advertising machine, the Shunda Rong technology that outdoor LCD advertising machine is an indoor advertising machine and LED display in the field of application and shortcomings in the supplement, outdoor LED display refers to the outdoor Advertising a liquid crystal display, the main forms include road LED display, LED electronic display, LED full color screen, LED screen and so on. The two are the same point are used for outdoor advertising channels for information dissemination, the difference is that outdoor LCD advertising machine to solve the outdoor LED display close to the fuzzy shortcomings!

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