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Company News >> Together Thai Technology Zheng Guoqing: from the first in the world to the world
With the popularization of intelligent terminal products such as smart phones, tablet computers, in-vehicle mobile terminals and commercial information inquiry systems, the demand for the touch screen market is increasing. It is estimated that by 2018, the global touch screen product shipment volume is expected to reach 3.5-40 billion pieces / year, the market value is 31.9 billion U.S. dollars, and the market share of Chinese products reaches 65%. Touch screen technology in this year also made a very large breakthrough, flexible display, full screen, curved screen, and even foldable screen products began to appear. In the future, the touch screen industry is full of new opportunities.
In the recently held China (Shenzhen) International Touch Screen and Display Exhibition, the well-known domestic manufacturer of smart terminal core components of the Thai Science and Technology Co., Ltd. focused on displaying a full screen and all kinds of large-size screen products. It is understood that the current market demand for full-screen, the product is relatively scarce, Heli Tai is one of the few companies that can provide full screen complete module. In addition, Tetra Pak also provides one-stop shopping for end-users of liquid crystal display modules, touch modules, camera modules, fingerprint recognition modules and wireless charging module core components. During this exhibition, OFweek display network editor also interviewed Zheng Liqing, a director of HeliTech Co., Ltd., to exchange the future development of the touch screen industry.
From the first in the country to the first in the world
Continued by the end-product driven, the touch display industry as a whole optimistic about the performance of related technologies are also evolving. In this regard, Zheng believes that in recent years the slowdown in the development of traditional industries in China, but the development of smart terminals in the field is good, such as smart phones, tablet PCs, which are conducive to the development of touch display industry. Heli Thai entered the field very early, occupying market opportunities.
When talking about the company's future industrial layout and development planning, Zheng Guoqing is also full of confidence in the future prospects. He said: "We will horizontally enrich the entire product line, the layout of the LCD module, touch module, camera module, fingerprint identification module; vertically enhance vertical integration capabilities, layout cover glass, FPC, 2.5D new product cover Plate glass, 3D cover glass, a full layout of the electronic paper ecological chain. "
"According to statistics after the touch screen tablet, the current Thai force is already the first in the country. The future we hope to be able to do the size of the product in the world, as the global leader in the intelligent terminal industry chain." Zheng Guoqing added.
The future of mobile phones: Foldable + screen fingerprint
Full screen has become the hottest topic in the field of smart phones in 2017, major manufacturers have also followed up a full screen. In bringing the proportion of screen at the same time, the full screen also brought a variety of drawbacks, such as fingerprint identification module, handset and front camera placement problems. If not handled properly, but will affect the experience, which is iPhoneX phone "bangs" was Tucao important reason. There are different voices in the industry for whether to use full screen.
In response, Zheng Guoqing also has its own observations. In his view, the overall screen is certainly the development trend of smart phones, although it has not yet reached 100% full screen, but a variety of new solutions have emerged. On the handset side, Millet MIX used a cantilever to sound and completely canceled the handset. In the field of fingerprint recognition, the scheme under the screen fingerprint or the integrated screen is also under research and development, and the future will be developed to the direction of ultrasound and optics. Optical fingerprint works almost the same as infrared, the main use of light refraction and reflection, the finger in the built-in light shines from the bottom of the prism, the light emitted by the phone fingerprint texture of the light and dark, through the projected coupling device, general CMOS is above, to identify all the unique features of the fingerprint. However, due to the characteristics of the optical itself, integration into a small module is still a major difficulty, and the finger surface oil and sweat will also affect the recognition effect. Therefore, ultrasonic unlocking is expected to become the mainstream of the future program. With anti-interference ability, the current penetration distance problems are gradually resolved. Overall, with the rapid popularity of full screen, fingerprint identification will become the mainstream direction under the screen. Alliedtech has rehearsed the mainstream solutions to meet the different needs of the market.
"In addition to full screen, flexible display will be the future direction." Zheng Guoqing said: "Although the full screen to increase the proportion of mobile phones screen, giving users a broader visual experience and a strong visual impact, but the folding screen is the future The real direction of development.To achieve flexible screen, the key technology lies in the materials and manufacturing processes, how to make those who have not foldable material into a flexible material, how to make the circuit foldable is the need to overcome the difficulties.
Although the touch display industry prospects are very good, but the ensuing competition will become increasingly fierce. At the end of the interview, Zheng Guoqing also raised his own views on the development of the industry. He believes that the continuous emergence of new technologies, making the terminal product form will undergo a revolutionary change, supporting manufacturers need to increase the talent pool, and constantly strengthen research and development and innovation, keep up with market trends, in order not to be eliminated.

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